Phoenix Hall of Fame

UW-Green Bay star athletes, coaches, and supporters are inducted into the Phoenix Hall of Fame annually. Below is the list of retirees, friends and alumni who have received this honor.

Photo Name Year Inducted Distinguished In
Christian Akiwowo, Ph.D. Christian Akiwowo, Ph.D. 1994 Men's Soccer
Tom Anderson Tom Anderson 1993 Men's Basketball
Vicki Anklam Porter Vicki Anklam Porter 2000 Women's Basketball
Sue Aspenson Sagal Sue Aspenson Sagal 2003-2004 Women's Basketball
Nathan Barnes Nathan Barnes 2002-2003 Men's Basketball
Jeanne Barta Stangel Jeanne Barta Stangel 1993 Women's Basketball
Dick Bennett Dick Bennett 2001-2002 Men's Basketball, Coach
Tony Bennett Tony Bennett 2006-2007 Men's Basketball
Ben Berlowski Ben Berlowski 2004-2005 Men's Basketball
Jerry Blackwell, M.D. Jerry Blackwell, M.D. 1996 Men's Basketball
Bryan Boettcher Bryan Boettcher 1994 Men's Basketball
Tom Brown Tom Brown 1999 Men's Basketball
Carol and Robert Bush Carol and Robert Bush 2005-2006 Community Leaders, Philanthropists
David Buss David Buss 1995 Men's Basketball, Coach
Ivan Delbecchi Ivan Delbecchi 2000 Men's Soccer
Tom Diener Tom Diener 2003-2004 Men's Basketball
Tim Dunne Tim Dunne 2005-2006 Men's Soccer
Philip Gallagher, Ph.D. Philip Gallagher, Ph.D. 2000 Men's Nordic Skiing
Dan Goltz Dan Goltz 2004-2005 Men's Nordic Skiing
Donna Gunville Donna Gunville 2005-2006 Women's Basketball
Carol Hammerle Carol Hammerle 2006-2007 Women's Basketball, Coach
Lisa Hanson Dyer Lisa Hanson Dyer 1993 Women's Swimming and Diving
Donald Harden, Ph.D. Donald Harden, Ph.D. 1993 Administrator, Community Leader
Roger Harriman Roger Harriman 1998 Swimming and Diving, Coach
Nezih Hasanoglu Nezih Hasanoglu 1997 Men's Soccer
James Hinckley, M.D. James Hinckley, M.D. 1999 Team Physician,
Community Leader
John Hummel John Hummel 1995 Men's Soccer
April Jensen Kocken April Jensen Kocken 1994 Women's Basketball
Ben Johnson Ben Johnson 2006-2007 Men's Basketball
Tom Jones Tom Jones 1997 Men's Basketball
Candace Kaye Candace Kaye 1999 Women's Basketball
Debbie Kind Urben Debbie Kind Urben 2009-2010 Women's Softball
Mark King Mark King 2001-2002 Men's Golf
Susie Klaubauf Bodilly Susie Klaubauf Bodilly 1996 Women's Basketball
Lou LeCalsey Lou LeCalsey 2000 Men's Soccer Coach,
Community Leader
Dawn LeClair Taddy Dawn LeClair Taddy 1998 Women's Basketball
Josh Lynk Josh Lynk 2008-2009 Men's Soccer
John Martinez John Martinez 2007-2008 Men's Basketball
Kathy Mertz Kathy Mertz 1997 Women's Basketball
Blake Middleton Blake Middleton 1995 Sailing
Leon Mitchell Leon Mitchell 1995 Men's Basketball
Jeff Nordgaard Jeff Nordgaard 2009-2010 Men's Basketball
Chari Nordgaard Knueppel Chari Nordgaard Knueppel 2004-2005 Women's Basketball
Ann Olin Lundstrom Ann Olin Lundstrom 1996 Women's Swimming and Diving
Zach Papanikolaou Zach Papanikolaou 1996 Men's Soccer
Nicole Paplham Benson Nicole Paplham Benson 2001-2002 Women's Swimming and Diving
Sue Pitroski Sue Pitroski 2009 Women's Basketball
Terry Powers Terry Powers 2004-2005 Men's Soccer,
Former Player and Coach
Erich Quidzinski, D.O. Erich Quidzinski, D.O. 2002-2003 Men's Soccer
Everett 'Butch' Reimer Everett 'Butch' Reimer 2011 Nordic Skiing, Coach
Softball, Coach
Ron Ripley Ron Ripley 1993 Men's Basketball
Pamela Roecker Pamela Roecker 1995 Women's Basketball
Aldo Santaga Aldo Santaga 2001-2002 Men's Soccer, Coach
Greg Santaga Greg Santaga 1998 Men's Soccer
Paul Schierl Paul Schierl 1996 Community Leader,
Cindee Schmalz Haider Cindee Schmalz Haider 1994 Women's Swimming and Diving
Terry Schott Terry Schott 1998 Men's Basketball
Richard Sims Richard Sims 2000 Men's Basketball
Pam and Rich Spangenberg Pam and Rich Spangenberg 2009-2010 Phoenix Athletics Supporters
Chuck Stark Chuck Stark 1999 Men's Soccer
Julie Steeno Julie Steeno 2007-2008 Women's Basketball
Horst Stemke Horst Stemke 1993 Men's Soccer
Janelle Tomlinson Richard Janelle Tomlinson Richard 2008-2009 Women's Volleyball
Dean Vander Plas Dean Vander Plas 2005-2006 Men's Basketball
Rick Voigtlander Rick Voigtlander 2003-2004 Men's Soccer
Mark Wehking Mark Wehking 1994 Men's Soccer
Edward Weidner, Ph.D. Edward Weidner, Ph.D. 1997 UW-Green Bay
Founding Chancellor
Dennis Woelffer Dennis Woelffer 1993 Men's Basketball
Kimberly Wood Jianas Kimberly Wood Jianas 2002-2003 Women's Basketball