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School records are often hard to come by - especially true of small, rural schools. Records were often kept by the principal or teacher. When these schools consolidated or closed, the records may have been discarded, or perhaps the teacher took them home and they remained in her attic or garage for decades. Happenstance may have led to the discovery and recovery of these records, and perhaps they found their way to a research center such as ours.

Reports to the County Superintendent of Schools

Many school records that exist are in the form of reports that teachers sent to the county Superintendent of Schools.

Reports may list: Student information includes: Early reports may include:
name of the school subjects studied teachers remarks
district number grades textbooks used
town or village if student was promoted or graduated daily schedule
dates covered sometimes included: School Censuses that list every child in the district, ages 4-20 statistics
teacher's name, address, and salary   value of school equipment
name, gender, age, grade, and attendance record of students   number of trees on property
information on school building and grounds   cost of tuition
number of days the student was transported to school and who did the transporting    


We have some school records for many of the counties in our region. To find one you might be interested in, contact us or search our catalog: