Resources for Instructors

The following are some helpful links for working within D2L. More information can be found by doing a search on the Computing & Information Technology Knowledgebase.

General Overview

A General Overview of D2L for Faculty and Students


Creating a Welcome News Item, Creating a News Item in D2L, Controlling a News Item's Visibility in D2L, Deleting a News Item in D2L


Using the Content Tool in D2L, Adding Additional Web Resources to a D2L Course


Electronic Grading Options, The D2L Gradebook, Setting up a Gradebook, Create a Grade Scheme, Create Grade Category, Grading Discussions, Grading a Quiz, Leave Feedback, * Extract Turning Point Scores, * Import Scantron Results, Import a Grade Scheme, Delete Grade Items, Calculated and Adjusted Final Grades, Calculate Final Grades, Release Final Grades (To Students), Hide Grade Items from Students, * Export Final Grades to SIS


Dropbox Instructions for Faculty

Classlists and Groups

The D2L Classlist, Manually Add a Student, Email in D2L, Manage Groups, Change Group Enrollment, Create Discussion Groups


Discussion Tool Overview, Discussions Instructions, Edit Topics / Forums, Copy Discussion Topics, Delete Discussion Forum, Re-Order Discussion Forums, Change View Settings, Moderate Discussions, Join Topics / Read / Post, Restrict Forum Access, Changing Group Enrollment, Restore Deleted Discussion, Restore a Deleted Thread, See Posts by a Student, Sorting Through Posts, View Discussion Statistics, Assess Discussion Messages


Accessing Quizzes, Creating a Quiz, Question Library, Import Quiz Questions, Copying and Moving Questions, Edit Questions, Create Sections in a Quiz, Generate Random Questions, Grade a Quiz, What Students See after a Quiz, Submit a Quiz for a Student / Quiz Event Log, Reset a Quiz for a Student, Change the Scoring of a Question, Give Special Access, Generate Class Reports, Export Quiz Statistics, Common problems for students

Other Help

* End of the Semester Course Management, * Archive Course Content and Student Work, Add/Remove Tools from the Nav Bar , Copy Tools and Files from Other Courses , Putting Word Documents in D2L , Copyright Information , Adding MP3 files