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Andrew Austin

Associate Professor of Social Change and Development
Criminology and Criminal Justice, Environment and Society, Political Economy, Sociological Theory

Published Work (selected)


The Mosh Pit: Order and Chaos.  Master's thesis, Middle Tennessee State University, 1995. (MA thesis)


White Male Victimology. Review of The Myth of Political Correctness: The Conservative Attack on Higher Education, by John K. Wilson. Nature, Society, and Thought 9 (1): 116-120 (1996).


The USA and NATO in the Balkans. New Interventions 9 (2): 11-15 (1999).


Caste, Class, and Justice: Segregation, Accumulation, and Criminalization in the United States.  PhD thesis, University of Tennessee, 2000. (PhD dissertation)


The Structure and Practice of US Anti-Environmentalism. Teaching Sociology from a Marxist Perspective, edited by Martha E. Gimenez and Brian V. Klocke (Washington DC: ASA, 2002).


Advancing Accumulation and Managing its Discontents: The U.S. Anti-Environmental Countermovement. Sociological Spectrum 22 (1): 71-106 (2002). (Winner of Spectrum award for best article of the year.)


Black Capitalist Mentality. Review of UnAfrican Americans: Nineteenth-Century Black Nationalists and the Civilizing Mission, by Tunde Adeleke. Journal for Intercultural Studies 23 (1): 90-92 (2002).


The Soviet Union: State Capitalist or Siege Socialist? Nature, Society & Thought 16 (1): 107-124 (2003).


Faith Matters: George Bush and Providence, The Public Eye, March 18 (2003).


The Multicultural Problem.  Review of Europe’s New Racism: Causes, Manifestations, and Solutions. Journal for Intercultural Studies 24 (2): 203-205 (2003)


Does Forced Sexual Contact Have Criminogenic Effects? Victimization and Deviance among At-Risk Women. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 8 (4): 41-66 (2003).


Conservative Christianity. Review of The Resilience of Conservative Religion: The Case of Popular, Conservative Protestant Congregations, by Joseph B. Tamney. Critical Sociology 30 (1): 165-169 (2004).


Public Assistance and the Pressure to Commit Crime: An Empirical Challenge to Conservative Criminology. Journal of Poverty 8 (1): 89-102 (2004).


Civilization of Punishment. Review of Punishment and Civilization: Penal Tolerance and Intolerance in Modern Society, by John Pratt.  Journal for Intercultural Studies 25 (1): 101-104 (2004).


Nothing is, well, Nothing.  Review of The Globalization of Nothing, by George Ritzer. Teaching Sociology 32 (3): 339-341 (2004).


Explanation and Responsibility: Agency and Motive in Lynching and Genocide. The Journal of Black Studies 34 (5): 719-733 (2004).


Kriegsfalken und der Hässliche Amerikaner.  Pp. 84-109 in Bernd Hamm (ed) Gesellschaft Zerstören–Der Neoliberale Anschlag auf Demokratie und Gerechtigkeit (Berlin: Homilius Verlag, 2004).


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The Neo-Conservative Assault on the Earth: The Environmental Imperialism of the Bush Administration, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 16 (2): 22-44 (2005).  With Laurel Phoenix.


Review of Inventing Public Diplomacy: The Story of the U.S. Information Agency, by Wilson P. Dizard, Jr. Journal of World Systems Research 11 (1): 141-148 (2005).


Race and Lethal Forms of Social Control: A Preliminary Investigation into Execution and Self-Help in The United States, 1930-1964. Crime, Law, and Social Change 45 (2): 155-164 (2006).


The Structure and Practice of US Anti-Environmentalism, in Martha E. Gimenez and Brian P. Hawkins (eds), Teaching Sociology from a Marxist Perspective fourth edition (American Sociological Association, 2006). (Also available as an e-book)


Beyond the Texas Oil Patch, The Bush Gang: Kelompok elit yang menghancurkan serangan neo-konservatif terhadap demokrasi dan keadilan, B. Hamm (ed), (Jakarta: Ina Publikatama, 2006) (3rd printing).  With Laurel Phoenix


War Hawks and the Ugly American, The Bush Gang, B. Hamm (ed), (Jakarta: Ina Publikatama, 2006) (3rd printing).


Tyranny and Dictatorship. International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities (Routledge, 2007).


The Truth According to Bud Peterson: A Case of Enforcing Patriotic Correctness. Public Resistance. 3:1 (2007).


Review of Serious Delinquency: An Anthology, by Thomas Bernard. Teaching Sociology 36:3 (2008).


Public Presentations (selected)


Predictive Factors in the Course and Progression of Addiction and Recovery in Chemically Dependent Women. Presented at the American Psychological Association. Washington DC. 5.12.1993. (With G. J. Hamilton and S. Britt.)


Problems in Determining Change Variables in Large Aggregate Data Sets. Western Social Science Association. Oakland, California. 4.26-29.1995.


The Pit: Lifeworld of Chaos. Society for the Study of Social Problems. Washington, DC. 8.18-20.1995.


Chip to Grind: The Manufacture of Rage and Hostility in Thrash Metal. Mid-South Sociological Association. Mobile, Alabama. 10.25-28.1995. (With J. Eller.)


The Dialectic of Heavy Metal: Black Sabbath to Biohazard. Midwest Popular Culture and American Culture Association. Indianapolis, Indiana. 11.3-5.1995. (With J. Eller.)


Love and Hate: Ideological Polarity in Music-Based Violent Counterculture. WSSA. Reno, NV. 4.17-20.1996. (With J. Eller.)


Neutralization through Mass Commodification: Determining Deformation in Cultural Products. MSSA. Little Rock, Arkansas. 10.30-11.3.1996.


The Rhetoric of Chaos: Authenticity and Co-optation in Aesthetically Based Violent Countercultures, MPC-ACA. Bowling Green, Ohio. 11.15-16.1996.


Advancing Accumulation and Managing its Discontents: The New Right and Anti-Environmentalism. Southern Sociological Society. Atlanta, GA. 4.2-5.1998.


Methodological Questions Concerning the Theorization of Aesthetically-based Countercultures. Union of Sociology Graduate Students Lecture Series. University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Spring 1999.


Race, Class, and Justice: Explaining Crime and Punishment in the Post-WWII Era. MSSA. Jackson, Mississippi. 11.3-6.1999.


Substance Abuse and Persistent Criminal Offending Among Child Sexual Abuse Victims. Faculty Research Council Lecture Series. UW-Green Bay. 4.11.2001.


Degradation of Social Being and Forced Sexual Contact: Marginalization and Victimization of Females in Social Networks. MSSA, Mobile, AL. 10.11-14.2001.


Uncovering Gaps and Assumptions and Transforming Knowledge through the Presentation of Students’ Lay Theories. Enhancing the Craft of Teaching: Moving Beyond Content. UW-Green Bay. 1.8.2002.


Paper Mills and Science Mills: The Battle for the Fox River. MSSA. Memphis, Tennessee. 10.16-19.2002.


Formal versus Substantive Equality: What Critical Legal Studies Teaches Sociologists about Moral Imagination OR What Sociologists have Taught Legal Scholars about Power. MSSA. Biloxi, Mississippi. 10.20-23.2004.


Threatening Uncertainties: Fossil Fuels, Climate Change, and Foreign Policy in the 21st Century.  Keynote Address. Tennessee Undergraduate Sociological Symposium. 11.15-16.2004.


Using Sociological Theory to Explore Ways of Reducing Deleterious Social Climate in an Urban High School.  Midwest Sociological Society.  Minneapolis Minnesota.  3.31-4.2.2005.


Twin Tyrannies: Authoritarian Politics and Oppressive Gender Relations. Mid-South Sociological Association.  Lafayette, Louisiana. 10.25-28.2006.


Christian Neo-fundamentalism, Democracy Promotion, and US Foreign Policy.  United Nations University.  Amman, Jordan.  11.19.2006.


The Sociology of Crime and Punishment. Honors College. Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 1.29.2007.


Democracy and Human Rights: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives.  United Nations University.  Amman, Jordan. 4.13.2007.


What They Know and How They Know It: Lay Theories and First-Day Group Presentations. The Mid-South Sociological Association. Huntsville, Alabama. 11.22-25, 2008.