Andrew Austin



Example of a Term Paper Proposal


The below link will take you to a PDF copy of a term paper proposal I adapted for this course.  Note the formal character of the document.  It has a title page with an original title, the author's name, and the author's affiliation.  The submission date is clearly visible.  The title page is followed by the proposal page, simply titled "proposal" (without the quotation marks), containing a single block paragraph of approximately 188 words identifying and briefly explaining the topic of the paper, highlighting the purpose of the paper and its methodology, and emphasizing the paper's relevance and importance.   Note that the proposal is written in standard U.S. English, double spaced throughout, all words correctly spelled, and proper grammar observed. There is a third page in which the sources cited in the body of the proposal are listed in full. Note that this paper uses the author-date system of the Chicago Manual of Style, which you are required to use for this class. This examples illustrates my expectation for the proposal.


Term Paper Proposal