Democracy and Justice Studies

Review for Exam Two


The exam is multiple choice, maybe some matching.

The exam is worth 50 points.


According to Alison Staudinger, what are the core beliefs of the anarchist? What are the anarchist’s goals? Why is the state unnecessary? Is anarchism about chaos and violence? Why not? What role does property play in crime production? Why, according to Emma Goldman, cannot religion and government keep their promise to make people free?


In his illustration of the likely behavior of a group of people shipwrecked on a deserted island, to what does Alexander Berkman attribute the division of society into social groups?


According to Andrew Austin’s lecture on anarchism, what are the anarchist’s criticisms of authority? According to anarchists, state societies represent a hierarchy of authorized political control over what types of activities? What are the characteristics of state societies? When do the state and law appear in human prehistory/history? When do the institutions of the police and prisons—that is the formal and professional criminal justice system—appear in prehistory/history?


What are the three types of rights T.H. Marshall’s identifies in his “new liberalism”? Know how to define each type of right. How does these compare to Erich Fromm and Isaiah Berlin’s distinction between negative and positive liberty? Which most approximates which? What are the four freedoms Roosevelt identifies? How do these go beyond classical liberalism? How does Roosevelt’s vision of freedom compare with that of Thomas Paine?


Professor Kaye noted in class that three presidents routinely top the list of greatest presidents when historians are polled. Who are these presidents?  In his lecture, Professor Kaye discussed the idea of American exceptionalism and contrasted his view with that of modern conservatism. Which of the following best describes Professor Kaye’s view of American exceptionalism? According to Professor Kaye, what is the main effect and likely the purpose of “right to work” laws? How did Roosevelt change America?


High economic growth fuelled through capital spending can hide a number of underlying economic problems. What were some of these problems, according to Professor Yunsun Huh? What is the link between development and freedom? What are forms of “unfreedomAmartya Sen identifies?


What are the arguments central to Amartya Sen’s capability approach? What is the link between freedom and development? What is capability? What are functionings? What is focal space?  The difference between “functioning” and “capability” in Sen’s thinking is similar to the difference between an achievement, on the one hand, and the freedom to achieve something, on the other. Know this distinction. Is freedom, according to Sen, primarily the maximization of choices without regard to their quality and people’s values? What is authentic self-direction?


What is the global assembly line? What is a multinational or transnational corporation? What is an export processing zone? What is the idea behind the feminization of labor? What impact do these changes have on the countries involved?


What is the difference between order theory and power-conflict theory? What approach has been most characteristic of mainstream social science? What is the logic of Robert Park’s theory of assimilation? What are the different types of assimilation according to Milton Gordon? Who was Horace Kallen and what is his justification for cultural pluralism?


Who was Booker T. Washington? Who was Marcus Garvey? Who were Lloyd Warner and Gunnar Myrdal? What is the caste school of race relations? What did the Marxist scholar Erik Olin Wright find in his empirical studies of the intersection of race and class?


Which important organization did WEB DuBois play a key in establishing? What are the main points of DuBois’ argument concerning American exceptionalism? What was DuBois relationship to socialism and communism? What did WEB Du Bois mean by the wages of whiteness? What is double consciousness? What is the Talented Tenth?


What is the difference between colonialism and neocolonialism? What is the difference between external and internal colonialism? What is Pan-Africanism? What is a split labor market?