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SOCIOL 202—Summer 2012






Day 1 Monday, June 18

Introduction to Course and Discipline

Day 2 Tuesday, June 19

Different Ways to Think About Society

Chapter 1. Taking a New Look at a Familiar World; Ch. 2. Seeing and Thinking Sociologically; Online: Mills, “The Promise.”

Day 3 Weds, June 20

The Materialist Conception of History

Online: Marx, “Preface to a Critique of Political Economy.”

Day 4 Thurs, June 21

Stratification, Social Class, and Inequality

Chapter 10. Stratification, Social Class and Inequality; Online: Marx and Engels, “Communist Manifesto.”


Day 5 Monday, June 25

Sex and Gender I

Chapter 12. Inequality of Sex and Gender. Online: Ehrenreich and English, “The Sexual Politics of Sickness.”

Day 6 Tuesday, June 26

Sex and Gender II

Race and Ethnicity I

Chapter 11. Inequality of Race and Ethnicity. Online: “Whose Side are we On.”

Day 7 Weds, June 27

Race and Ethnicity II

Midterm Review

Day 8 Thurs, June 28


1:00-2:00. No class following midterm


Day 9 Monday, July 2


Organizations and Social Institutions

Chapter 9. Organizations and Social Institutions.  Online: Ritzer and Walczak, Rationalization and the Deprofessionalization of Physicians

Day 10 Tuesday, July 3

Organizations and Social Institutions

Chapter 8. Deviance and Crime;  Online: “The Poverty of the Sociology of Deviance.” 

Day 11 Weds, July 4

Independence Day

No Classes

Day 12 Thurs, July 5


Crime and Deviance

Online: Chambliss, “Sociological Analysis of Law of Vagrancy; Sykes and Matza “Techniques of Neutralization.”  Liazos, Garfinkel, “Conditions for a Successful Status Degradation Ritual.”


Day 13 Monday, July 9

Culture, Socialization, and Identity

Chapter 4. Building Order: Culture and History; Online: Berger, “Invitation to Sociology.”

Day 14 Tuesday, July 10


Identity and Knowledge

Chapter 5. Identity and Socialization

Chapter 6. Supporting Identity: The Presentation of Self.

Day 15 Weds, July 11

Social Constructionism

Chapter 3. The Social Construction of Knowledge.

Day 16 Thurs, July 12

Reconstructing Society

Chapter 14. Architects of Change: Reconstructing Society; Online: Wallerstein, “Social Science and the Quest for a Just Society.”

Time-line assignment due 12:00 PM (noon)

Day 17 Friday, July 13


1:00-3:00 pm.