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COMM SCI 301—Summer 2012                                                           






Readings and Assignments

Week 1

May 21

The Character of Human Inquiry

Babbie, Chapter 1

May 22

The Character of Human Inquiry


May 23

Paradigms, Theory, and Research

Babbie, Chapter 2

May 24

Science and Politics

Babbie, Chapter 3

Prospectus due 4:30 pm Friday.

Week 2

May 28

Memorial Day (no class)

May 29

Research Ethics

Online readings: Diesing, Harding, Humphries, and Wallerstein.

May 30

Research Design

Babbie, Chapter 4

May 31

Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement

Babbie, Chapter 5

Week 3

June 4

First hour: midterm exam

Remainder of class: Bring your proposals and ethnographies to discuss.

June 5

Indexes, Scales, and Typologies

Online reading: Gould

Babbie Chapter 6

Probability, Sampling

Babbie, Chapter 7

June 6


Babbie, Chapter 8

Survey Research

Babbie, Chapter 9

June 7


Babbie, Chapter 10

Week 4

June 11

Unobtrusive Measures


Babbie, Chapter 11.

Online reading: Skocpol

June 12

Evaluation Research

Babbie, Chapter 12

June 13


Qualitative Data Analysis

Babbie, Chapter 13

Proposal due 12:00 pm (noon).

June 14

Quantitative Data Analysis


Babbie, Chapter 14.

Online: Gottfredson and Hirschi.

Ethnographic experience project due 12:00 pm (noon).

June 15

Final exam