Arts and Visual Design makes a key contribution to the University of Wisconsin campus by providing rich educational experiences in the fine arts. The academic unit supports majors in Theater, Music, Design Arts, Arts Management and Art. Programs within Arts and Visual Design and their faculty strive for exceptional teaching, scholarship, creative work and community service.

Arts and Visual Design makes important links to our community by recognizing the integral importance of art in every day life. Whether through the transcendent experience of musical performance and dance, the tradition of esthetic, social and political expression in visual and theatre arts, or the contribution to business and industry through the design arts and arts management majors, the program connects learning to life in very tangible and meaningful ways. The academic unit, faculty and alumni have been a seminal force in the development of the design and artistic community in Northeast Wisconsin, furthering the appreciation for art and creative expression. As the region grows, diverse, life enriching artistic experiences will become an even more important aspect of cultural fulfillment. To this end, Arts and Visual Design will continue to adapt to the needs of our community.

Arts and Visual Design serves majors and minors, offering interdisciplinary and disciplinary programs that value high standards in teaching and student achievement. The ultimate goal is to produce artists, performers, teachers and professionals capable of working effectively and making significant contributions to society. Each semester, AVD also provides a significant array of general education courses to educate and broaden the experience of non-arts majors on the UW–Green Bay campus. The general education offerings provide life enriching experiences and opportunities for artistic expression campus wide.