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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


Welcome to our Geospatial Technology website. The primary purpose of the site is to provide Remote Sensing, GPS mapping and Geographic Information Systems support to the UW-Green Bay community. The site is also intended to facilitate our frequent collaborations with GIS users across the campus and in the community at-large.

GIS Courses In ENV SCI Will Change In 2014-15

Remote Sensing and GIS (ENV SCI 454/654) is being offered for the last time in Spring 2014... complete article


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Landsat 7 Imagery

Daily Snow Cover
Modis Imagery

Current projects


I'm Looking For ...

... Definitions and Basic Concepts

We've rounded up some websites and instructional material that we think do a good job of explaining the basics.

... GIS Building Blocks

A typical research project or class assignment requires construction of a project-specific geographic information system.

... Web Maps and Mobile Aps

GIS applications that are published as mobile aps or that run on the Internet are everywhere and their variety and functionality are expanding rapidly.

... Mapping Concepts and Methods

In our work, the term "mapping" refers to the process of converting features or conditions on the earth's surface to spatial databases.