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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


Welcome to our Geospatial Technology website. The primary purpose of the site is to provide Remote Sensing, GPS mapping and Geographic Information Systems support to the UW-Green Bay community. The site is also intended to facilitate our frequent collaborations with GIS users across the campus and in the community at-large.


GIS course lineup in 2014-2015 - the current lineup includes some significant changes from previous years. Most notable are the addition of a 2-credit project course and the elimination of Remote Sensing and GIS (ENV SCI 454/654)

GIS coaching material has moved - coaching material previously located on the Biodiversity Center site can now be found on Mike Stiefvater's Fac/Staff site.

In-House Data Library
Finding the spatial databases needed to support coursework and research simultaneous with battling the ArcGIS learning curve can be a major challenge for a novice. The Biodiversity Center has tried to moderate this problem by facilitating access to data resources. We believe that our efforts in this regard help GIS users get their projects off to a faster start than would otherwise be possible.


Map Galleries & Cartography


Image Timelines


Software, Equipment & Staff Resources
The Biodiversity Center has acquired some useful resources to support the work of our students and faculty.



Natural Areas Mapping
In our work, the term "mapping" refers to the process of converting features or conditions on the earth's surface to spatial databases.