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Title - Subtitle - Author(s) - Year of Publication Document / Data Type Key Words Links
a0001 Wisconsin under a Heat Wave - hot weather safety tips - Wisconsin Emergency Management - 2012 email saved to pdf safety field view pdf
a0002 Map Projections - online article re projected coordinate systems - Michigan DNR - 2001 web page gis projection coordinate web page
a0003 Esri Community Analyst - Better Communities Through Geography - online flyer promoting CA software and data services - Esri web page gis web page
a0004 Wabikon Work Completion 2012 - diagram used to track status of field work - Juniper Sundance - 2012 jpeg image map view jpeg
a0005 Survey Stake Vendor - memo re material purchased for Wabikon resurvey - Mike Stiefvater - 2013
Caution - try to find PO, invoice or packing list - something that describes what was purchased
email saved to pdf wiedemeier sawmill view pdf
a0006 The Remote Sensing Tutorial - excerpts saved from now-defunct website - NASA, Dr Nicholas Short - 2006 (most recent update) web pages saved to pdf gis cover page
a0007 Arboretum Management Plan Shapefiles - Kathy Groves, Kathryn Corio - 2003 and 2005
Caution - get text and spatial parts of plan all together in one place
spatial data gis metadata
a0008 Zebra Mussel Distribution Data - Bay of Green Bay data for Amir Salim thesis - 2005 spatial data Tara Reed gis  
a0009 Lupine Populations In Wisconsin - compilation of multiple studies - unknown author - 2004 report w/ spatial data gis  
a0010 Manatee Sightings - data for ??? thesis - Florida Marine Research Institute - 2006 spatial data gis  
a0011 Wolter Tract Bathymetric Data - soundings from 7 Vilas County lakes - 2001
Caution - get text and spatial parts of study all together in one place
spatial data   metadata
a0012 not used      
a0013 Student Projects For ENV SCI 454/654 - project disks for Remote Sensing and GIS course - Spring 2012 report w/ spatial data gis  
a0014 Results of the Coarse Filter Analysis and Background Information of the Chippewa County Forest - Clark et al - 2002 report w/ spatial data sylvaculture gis cover page 
a0015 Ecological Assessment and Overview for the Governor Tommy G. Thompson Centennial State Park and Peshtigo River State Forest - Ungrodt & Wernerehl - 2002 report w/ spatial data gis sylvaculture cover page
Open Space Protection Opportunities for the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area - National Park Service - 2003 report w/ spatial data mnrra ospo gis metadata
a0017 LiDAR Sample - demo disk with Kaukauna-area point cloud and derived products - Ayres Associates - 2005 spatial data gis metadata
a0018 Scanned Paper Maps For Shivering Sands Hydrology Study - various Door County maps from Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey, originals by Sherrill (1978) and Bradbury (19??) tif images wgnhs gis metadata
Baird Creek Land Management Units - Kari Petrashek - Kari Hagenow - 2008
Caution - get text and spatial parts of the study all together in one place
word docs BC Preservation Foundation  
a0020 Using ArcGIS 10.1 with Mastering ArcGIS 5th edition - supplement to textbook used in ENV SCI 454/654 - McGraw-Hill - Maribeth Price - 2012 word doc saved to pdf gis view intro
a0021 Scanned Paper Map - GreenBayMap1845.jpg - digital version of paper map titled "Head of Green Bay and Entrance To Fox River, Wisconsin" - the map documents survey work completed in 1845 by the Bureau of Topographical Engineers
Caution - metadata for the paper original is missing, an uncompressed image file and metadata for the digital image would be nice
jpeg image    
a0022 Documentation For Survey Monument WisDOT-5L06
Caution - updates pending
word doc saved to pdf map view pdf
a0023 Specifications and Standard Practices for Biodiversity Center Spatial Data Library
Caution - updates pending
source docs    
a0024r Documentation of M. Stiefvater Participation in DNR / EPA Phragmites Control Project - computer files re 2011, 2012 and 2013 herbicide application work - 2013
Caution - Stiefvater request for final DNR report is pending
it's a mess glri  
a0025 A Method for Converting Bedrock Joint Angles to Azimuths source docs    
a0026 Specifications and Standard Practices for Biodiversity Center Geodata Drive
Caution - updates pending
source docs    
a0027 Student Project: Town of Scott Culvert Inventory - 2012 source docs    
a0028 Documentation For Layout of Mahon Forest Dynamics Research Plot
Caution - updates pending
source docs    
a0029 Editing Shapefiles - slideshow re editing in ArcMap 9.1 - Minnesota DNR - 2007 powerpoint file gis slide #1
a0030 Documentation for Fox River and Bay of Green Bay Bulkhead Lines - scanned documents created from a collection of paper originals loaned to the Biodiversity Center by Vickie Harris - Mike Stiefvater - 2012
Caution - updates pending
paper doc scanned to pdf    
a0031 Fossil-Bearing Cave Sediments in Northeastern Wisconsin: Glimpse of a Presettlement Fauna - a report documenting work done at Brussels Hill Pit Cave in Door County, Wisconsin - Kox, Howe, Erdmann - ca 1990
Caution - the paper original is an undated draft with parts missing.
paper doc scanned to pdf   view page 1
a0032 Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days - an article describing the use of LiDAR at ancient Caracol in Belize - New York Times, John Noble Wilford - 2010 web page archaeology gis web page
a0033 Structural Characteristics of Old-Growth Hemlock-Hardwood Forests in Relation to Age - a study conducted at multiple Wisconsin and UP of Michigan sites including Wabikon - Lucy Tyrrell, Thomas Crowe - 1994 jstor document dynamics download
a0034 Evolutionary limits ameliorate the negative impact of an invasive plant - an article describing evolutionary change in invading populations of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Richard A. Lankaua, Victoria Nuzzob, Greg Spyreasa, Adam S. Davis - 2009 downloadable journal article kriging view abstract
a0035 Specifying a coordinate system - an article describing the hows and whys of setting the Data Frame Coordinate system in ArcMap - ArcGIS Resources Website - ArcGIS Help 10.1 user support website   view webpage
a0036 Basic Editing - Chapter 12 from text book Mastering ArcGIS - Fourth Edition, Maribeth Price - describes "traditional" editing of vector data used in ArcGIS thru version 9.x paper doc scanned to pdf   view title page
a0037 International Standard ISO 19115 - Geographic information-Metadata - First edition of the international standard for classifying and naming geographic information metadata documents - International Organization for Standardization - 2003 downloadable document
ISO 19115 .pdf
a0038 ArcMap Tool for Pre-Processing SSURGO Soil Database for ArcSWAT - slideshow presented at the 5th SWAT International Conference in Boulder, CO - 5-7 Aug, 2009 - Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Kansas State University, Aleksey Sheshukov, Prasad Daggupati, Ming-Cheh Lee, Kyle Douglas-Mankin downloadable document
SWAT2009 SSURGO Tool.pps