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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


This project is a mock-up of a web portal to selected information from past NNF bird surveys. It's purpose is to to make the information more accessible, particularly in support of birders preparing for the upcoming survey. Desktop geographic information systems software (GIS) and cloud-based mapping tools are used as part of an ongoing effort to incorporate geospatial technology into our educational and research work.

Our goal is to have a smooth and intuitive version of the portal for all the Northern Unit sites in time for the 2014 Survey. Please help us get there by trying out this mock-up and forwarding comments to Biodiversity Center GIS Specialist Mike Stiefvater.

Southern Sites by Site Id
NNF003 NNF020 NNF022 NNF023 NNF027 NNF028  
NNF029 NNF030 NNF037 NNF044      

Northern Sites by Site Id
NNF501 NNF502 NNF503 NNF504 NNF505 NNF513  

Version 1.00 - June, 2013
This project came about because Biodiversity Center Director Dr. Bob Howe has been looking for ways to improve dissemination of Bird Survey information, and GIS Specialist Mike Stiefvater has been wanting to explore some recent developments in geospatial technology. First, we need to keep up with the trend toward cloud-based geographic information systems (GIS). Second, we need to find out if the tools that we already have at our disposal allow us to do serious cloud-based GIS work. Third, we need to find out if we can build task-specific web-maps while avoiding custom programming.

Environmental Science undergrad Jennifer Hegnet (she has since graduated) approached us in January 2013 and asked if she could volunteer for work that would sharpen her GIS know-how and enhance her resume. We wrote up a quick scope of work and set a goal of having something to show in time for the 2013 Survey. The resulting effort, designated "Version 1.00", was posted to the Biodiversity Center website the week of June 2, 2013. The project as it currently stands is essentially Jen's work. Other contributor's include:

Dr. Robert Howe - concept guidance at the beginning and moral support along the way
Erin Giese - support throughout the project, especially for help in securing internal data and arranging for transfer of data from the Forest Service.
Dr. Vicki Medland - website design guidance
Mike Stiefvater - GIS technical support
Joan Berkopec and Ron Eichhorn - early advice on the kinds of information that would be valuable to users
Nicole Shutt (USFS) - access to Forest Service data