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Conventional surveying methods are used extensively for mapping land features, especially elevation.

Survey Markers and Monuments
One of the oldest and most direct methods of defining location is by measuring the displacement of undefined points from objects whose locations are known. Those objects can be as ordinary as a prominent rock or tree or they can be elaborate structures whose sole purpose is defining location.

Survey Monument Locations And Data
Resources are available to help you find monuments in your area of interest and to check out their their status:

  • Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office. The SCO's ControlFinder application is a Wisconsin-specific information source. It includes information on local reference networks furnished by County surveyors.
  • NGS Datasheet Retrieval Page is a source for information on federally-recognized survey monuments and reference networks.
  • CORS Map is a source for information on the Continuously Operating Reference Station program (CORS) of the National Geodetic Survey.