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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

•  WisDOT 5L06  •

This monument is situated on the UW-Green Bay campus just south of the Kress Center. Detailed technical information is available on the ControlFinder website operated by the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office. Because it's so accessible, this marker is a good tool for checking hand-held GPS receivers.

What Is the "True" Location
The horizontal coordinates published for the monument are so coarse that their only function is to help users find the marker in the field (see table below). That means it's up to us to come up with an estimate of the marker's "true" location. But that's OK. We have the equipment and know-how to get pretty close.


Date / Source Method WGS 84 Lat / Lon
NGS datasheet The datasheet gives the coordinates (referenced to NAD 83) as 44° 31' 40" N and 87° 54' 58" W. This equates to 44.5278 and decimal degrees (DMS coordinates in whole seconds are roughly comparable to decimal degrees to four-places). At 4-place precision, the WGS 84 coordinates are numerically equal to the NAD 83 values. 44.5278 / -87.9161
Mike Stiefvater
A single position fix (waypoint) was recorded using a recreation-grade GPS receiver. WAAS differential correction was disabled. 44.52784 / -87.91637
Mike Stiefvater
3000 plus positions were recorded over 50 minutes using a Trimble GeoXT 6000 receiver/datalogger. The raw positions were differentially corrected using the post-processing utility in Trimble Pathfinder Office software and base data from the WISCORS (Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Station) at DePere. Corrected positions with estimated error > .1 meter were discarded. 44.527820 / -87.916360