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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


GIS users at UW-Green Bay have access to world-standard computer tools.

ArcGIS For Desktop
ArcGIS for Desktop, a product of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., is the default GIS software for research and coursework at UW-Green Bay. It's the world standard for desktop GIS work and, thanks to our Educational Site License, it is available for use in our programs at a reasonable cost. As is typical of high-end computer software, ArcGIS for Desktop is marketed in a variety of flavors over a wide range of price points. We are licensed at the ArcInfo level which is the most powerful option. Power and versatility are further enhanced by the inclusion of several specialized extensions. The Spatial Analyst and 3d Analyst extensions are especially important in our work.

ArcGIS for Desktop is activated on all lab machines on the campus. Additional installations (faculty offices, grad students, etc) are made via the CIT work order system. Just call the Help Desk - it's fast and painless.

ArcGIS For Desktop - Student Edition
Students in courses that use ArcGIS in class can obtain a copy of the software to use at home. The Student Edition includes the same program modules described above for campus PCs. Faculty wishing to obtain this benefit for their students should contact Esri directly.