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The term "land information" by itself is pretty broad, but in our work it refers to sites that provide public access to the geographic information systems operated by county governments. Publication of land ownership information (parcel mapping) is an essential function of a county land information site. They typically include other information - land use, transportation networks, zoning, etc; but it's their ability to show the relationship of various community characteristcs to land ownership that accounts for the unique power of these sites.

Parcel Mapping in Wisconsin
Wisconsin has been a leader in applying geospatial technology to parcel mapping. By law a portion of every land transaction fee goes to help counties implement the State's Land Records Modernization Program.

The WLIA State Parcel Project is a demonstration project that is looking at what it would take to combine the parcel databases that are maintained separately by each of the State's 72 counties into a single, statewide product.

Links To Land Information Web Sites
The following sites may be helpful in tracking down a land information web map that is of particular interest: