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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


If an application has been useful to us or looks interesting we list it here.

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri)
Community Analyst  - a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) product that allows subscribers to define a location of interest and generate demographic and economic data from a large selection of data reporting services. Subscriptions to Community Analyst are quite expensive as you might expect for a high-end business and marketing tool. At UW-Green Bay, we have access to Community Analyst via our Educational Site License.
Business Analyst  - is a cousin of the Community Analyst product described above.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MiDNR)
Surface Water Information Management System

Michigan State University
Emerald Ash Borer Viewer
Digital Watershed - MSU's Institute for Water Resources is the lead partner in a large consortium

National Tribal Geographic Information Support Center (NTGISC)
Tribal GIS Interactive Web Map

Nature Conservancy, The
Coastal Wetland Tool, Duck-Pensaukee Watershed
Coastal Wetland Tool, Green Bay Watershed
Interactive Conservation Maps

OneGeology Portal

Purdue University
Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (L-THIA) is a suite of modeling tools that estimate change for runoff and non point pollutants in response to land use change.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
MyWATERS Mapper - dynamically displays snapshots of program data from EPA's Office of Water.

US Geological Survey (USGS)
EarthNow - Near Real-Time LANDSAT Imagery
The National Map Viewer
National Geochemical Survey database

US National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA)
Earth Observatory - gateway site for access to NASA'a library of maps and imagery. One of their specialties is depiction of natural hazards.

US National Atlas
National Atlas of the United States

US Natural Resources Conservation Service
Web Soil Survey  - allows users to define a modest-sized Area of Interest and retrieve soil data from NRCS databases.

Wisconsin, University of
Handbook of Web-based Environmental Data for Wisconsin's Planners  - a bibliography published in 2010 by UW-Madison researchers, Aslı Göçmen and Karen Van Gilder.
Wisconsin County and Municipal Web Mapping Sites  - a bibliography published in 2009 by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute as part of their Coastal GIS Applications Project. It was updated in September of 2013.
GetFacts  - Wisconsin demographics data and analysis hosted by the UW's Applied Population Lab

Wisconsin, University of - State Cartographers Office
WiscLINC  - a somewhat outdated online catalog of Land Information Resources
Control Finder  - "... application designed as a central point of access for locating Wisconsin control data (federal, state, and various counties.)"

Wisconsin, State of - Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL)
Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records: Original Field Notes and Plat Maps

Wisconsin, State of - Department of Natural Resources
Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources Inventory (ATRI)  - a past attempt by the DNR to get their plant and critter data on line.
Interactive Web Mapping Applications  - a bibliography listing sites hosted by the DNR.

Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA)
Wisconsin Land Information Websites is a listing of municipal Land Information websites.