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Green Bay shoreline, Oconto County, WI
26 Sep 2000
Gary Fewless, Cofrin Arboretum Center for Biodiversity
Olympus CL 2500L digital camera

bur marigold

Nodding Bur-marigold; Nodding Beggar-ticks (Bidens cernua)

Nodding bur-marigold, or Beggars Ticks is found in a variety of wet habitats, but it is most apparent on muddy lake and stream bottoms exposed by falling water level. The "seeds" are actually dry fruits called achenes (see inset in lower left corner of the photo). Each achene has several barbed spines at the top which help them stick to the fur, feathers (or clothes) of passing animals which then carry the seeds to new locations. These distinctive achenes are the source of the common names for other plants closely related to Beggar-ticks, including "pitchforks" and "sticktights".

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