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06 Nov2000
Gary Fewless, Cofrin Arboretum Center for Biodiversity

leaf footed bug

Leaf-footed Bug (Order Hemiptera; Family Coreidae; Genus: Leptoglossus)

Most members of this family, including this one, are plant feeders (notice the long, piercing mouth parts on the photograph of the undersurface). This is the same family as squash bugs. They are called leaf-footed bugs because of the flattened and expanded hind leg tibiae, which resemble leaves. They will overwinter as adults and that is why they are often found in or on houses at this time of the year: They are looking for safe hiding places to overwinter. Like squash bugs, Leptoglossus species have well-developed scent glands which open on the sides of the thorax between middle and hind coxae. They give off a distinctive odor.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Draney for information on the Leaf-footed Bug.

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