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Photo by: Andy Paulios

Location: Brown Co., WI

Date taken: April 30, 2001

Camera: Olympus CL 2500L digital camera

Golden Winged Warbler
(Dendroica chrysoptera)

The Golden-Winged Warbler is an uncommon resident throughout Northern Wisconsin, reaching its highest densities in NW Wisconsin. A good area to find these birds are the shrubby woodland edges in Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. Sam Robbins (Wisconsin Birdlife) lists this bird's favored habitat as thick deciduous cover near streams or wetlands in the Northern half of the state. The Golden-Winged Warbler is declining at a rate of 7% a year in the NE US, while it is stable or increasing in the Northern and Northwestern part of its range. Aging of forest, cowbird parasitism and hybridization with Blue-Winged Warblers appear to be the main cause of this decline. The Cornell Bird Laboratory has started the GWWA Atlas Project that will help to answer remaining questions about their population declines.

Contributed by Andy Paulios, UW Green Bay Graduate Student

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