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flowers in December!

Late flowering plants Dec 2001

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and names of the plants

The plants shown above were among 31 species still in flower on Dec 5, 2001 in the City of Green Bay. They are all "wild" flowers growing outside of cultivation and most are naturalized "weeds" of Eurasia. Many horticultural flowers are also still in flower, especially near buildings.

The unseasonably warm weather in November and early December has allowed green lawns and flowering plants to persist into a period in which we usually have snow on the ground. November 2001 was the warmest November on record for Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison, and December 4 and 5 have set new high temperature records for those dates.

Interested in how this November compares with last year? Please check our Phenology Pages for current and past observations on local flora, fauna, weather, and natural history.

Tables, graphs, and text prepared by Gary Fewless

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