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Mayor's Beautification Award

Gary Fewless, Kim McKeefry, Mayor Paul Jadin, Bob Howe, Amy Wolf, Vicki Medland

not pictured is Tom Erdman


The Cofrin Center for Biodiversity was the recipient of the 2002 Public Awareness/Natural Environment Award from the Mayor's Beautification Committee and is very honored to be recognized for its contributions to the Green Bay community. The citation recognized the center’s mission to promote environmental awareness through education and research, and singled out the Lenfestey Family Courtyard in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall and its position as a gateway to the Cofrin Arboretum as an example. The center manages five natural areas owned by the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, including the recently acquired Point au Sable, that are maintained to preserve local biodiversity and allow opportunities for student and faculty research. The Richter Museum and UWGB Herbarium house animal and plant specimens that are catalog the biodiversity of northeastern Great Lakes States and are used by scientists from around the country. In addition to the Lenfestey Family Courtyard demonstration gardens there are several recreated and restored habitat exhibits in the Cofrin Arboretum, including the Sand Barrens, Keith White Prairie, and Oak Savanna. The center also provides exhibits from the museum and herbarium, tours of the museum and the arboretum to local schools and groups, and free public workshops on natural history.

The Center would also like to thank the many student workers and faculty and community volunteers who have helped to maintain the UW Green Bay natural areas, the museum, herbarium, and given tours and lectures for the public.

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