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Ducks fly over rough water on the Bay of Green Bay.

Completed Cofrin Grant Research Projects: 1989-2012


  • Brianna Kupsky: Monitoring Bats at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Natural Areas
  • David Lawrence: Continued baseline study of fish assemblages in the Wequiock Creek Estuary, at Pt. au Sable Wisconsin
  • Jesse Weinzinger: Mammalian Assemblages at the Wabikon Lake Forest Dynamics Plot
  • Rachael Weldon: Inventory of Macromycetes and the Development of Standard and Repeatable Protocols


  • Alicia Brunner: Monitoring Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) nesting boxes at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus
  • Ashley Fehrenbach: Diversity of the herbaceous layer with respect to light availability and topography at Wabikon Lake Forest Dynamics Plot in northern Wisconsin
  • Kari Hagenow: Examining the potential for density-dependent seedling mortality within a temperate forest plot in northern Wisconsin
  • Nick Janak: The effect of dead fine root inputs on soil microbial biomass and enzyme activity – the path to soil organic matter accumulation
  • David Lawrence : Continued baseline study of fish assemblages in the Wequiock Creek Estuary, at Pt. au Sable Wisconsin, including quatrefoil light traps
  • Gary Wauters: A Mammal Survey of the Brussels Hill Pit Cave Jesse
  • Weinzinger: Mammal Survey of the Wabikon Lake Forest Dynamics


  • Matthew Abrahamzon: Mahon Creek Hydrology and Water Quality: Initiation and collection of baseline data from an automated monitoring station
  • Lindsey Bender: A proposal for the continuation of the snake survey on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus and Cofrin Arboretum
  • Kelli Briski & Emily Castellanos: Spiders of Lake Michigan coastal marshes--The Search for Clubiona pallidula in Coastal Populations of Phragmites
  • Erin Gnass & Nicholas Walton: Optimizing Avian Surveying Effort Using a Model-based Approach at Point au Sable, Wisconsin
  • Aaron Groves: Method Analysis of Bee Trapping Techniques (Vane Traps vs. Bowl Traps)
  • Andrew Gruen: Estimating effects of land use on the frequency of amphibian malformations in UWGB natural areas
  • Nicholas Hamus & Zachary Moreau: Environmental factors that affect fish species distribution along the shore of the Bay of Green Bay
  • Andrew LaPlant: Exotic slug abundance in four contrasting NE Wisconsin Forests
  • David Lawrence: Diversity and breeding status of fish assemblages In the Wequiock Creek estuary
  • Cody Sandahl: The effects of root growth on soil microbial biomass and enzyme activity
  • Eric Struck: Investigation of seasonal fish movements in lower reaches of Mahon Creek and Wequiock Creek near the bay of Green Bay


  • Santiago Ocariz: Comparison of canopy and sub canopy arthropod communities on the Cofrin Arboretum
    Pao Vue: Snake species richness, abundance, and distribution on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Campus and Cofrin Arboretum
  • Adam Snippen & Kymberly Draeger: The fungus among us: a snapshot of Mahon Woods’ hidden Kingdom
  • Jacqueline Krall: Temporal and spatial patterns of seed production by woody species in the Cofrin Arboretum forest dynamics Plot
  • Eric Struck: Bioassessment of Mahon Creek using macroinvertebrate and fish communities
  • Josh Martinez: The effect of herbivory by White-tailed deer on native forbs planted in a matrix of native grasses in urban parks


  • Linda Filo: Mapping and assessing campus populations of Phragmites australis
  • Matthew Flentje: An owl survey of UWGB natural areas
  • Ethan Kaiser: Earthworm abundance in annually burned vs. unburned grasslands in the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum
  • Meagan Davis: Research on Cliff Swallows in the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Sarah Rauen: Endocrine disruptors in neonatal American toads in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Susan Orthober: Archeological Cultures at Toft Point
    Christina Brady: Effects of garlic mustard, deer browsing, and ecological restoration on deciduous forest leaf litter invertebrates
  • Lori Caelwaerts: Variation in seed rain along a gradient of forest quality
  • Megan Jacobi: Competition and Predation among Great Lakes Invasives:  A study of the relationships between Round Gobies, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga Mussels at two UWGB Natural Areas
  • Megan Harvey: Florivory in populations of Gentianopsis procera in Door County, Wisconsin
  • Christian Sorden: Effect of grassland ant activity on soil nutrient availability, C cycling, and plant biomass and community composition
  • Ryan Wachtl: Effects of Brassicaceæ dominance on fungal biomass and soil phosphorous - A family based mechanism for competitive superiority
  • Lana Athorp: Bird species associated with Phragmites australis at the Pt. au Sauble Nature Preserve in Brown County, Wisconsin
  • Hannah Aplin: Plant species associated with dense stands of Phragmites australis at the Pt. au Sable Nature Preserve in Brown County, Wisconsin


  • Zach Zopp: Environmental Effects on Pond Microhabitats in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Eric Weber: A Forest Edge’s Effect on Forest Interior Climate


  • Michelle Eis: Patterns of Student Use of the Cofrin Arboretum Trail System
  • Amy Wortman: Status and Habitat Use of Tree Squirrels in the UWGB Cofrin Arboretum
  • Jay Watson: Bee and Plant Interactions at University of Wisconsin Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum and Marinette County’s Dunbar Barrens State Natural Area
  • Nick Walton: A Survey of Dragonflies at the Toft Point Natural Area in Door County
  • Greg Brahe: Vertebral Anomalies in Eastern American Toads of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Craig Destree: Bee Diversity and Plant Associations at Toft Point and Peninsula Sanctuary Natural Areas
  • Carolina Bacelis: Survey of spiders and harvestmen (Arachnida: Araneae, Opiliones) at the Point au Sauble Nature Preserve


  • Justin Heraly: Body size and development in American Toads
  • Brianna Bruvold: Breeding birds of the Kingfisher Farm Natural Area
  • Nick Walton: The UWGB Campus Bird Survey
  • Carolina Bacelis: Vegetation of the Pt. au Sauble Nature Reserve
  • Jenna King: A history of bird banding and bird studies at Pt. au Sauble
  • Ryan Taylor: Patterns of bird migration and breeding birds at Pt. au Sauble
  • Pam Wendorf: Use of morphological characters for studying migratory birds
  • Matt Bougie: Use of molt patterns and feather wear for studying migratory birds


  • Katie Hemauer: Soil Temperature:  The Effects of Vegetation Cover and Soil Type
  • Amanda Carroll & Jennifer Powell: Analysis of White-tailed Deer Herbivory in Mahon Woods and Toft Point Natural Area
  • Amanda Malueg: Effects of Fire Management on Small Mammals in a Tallgrass Ecosystem
  • Sarah Wilk: Evaluating the Progress of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Northern Barrens Project


  • Derek Behmke: Nutrient Determination of Surface Waters within the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Bruce Snyder: Nutrient Determination of Surface Waters within the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Kathy Groves and Nicole Skiba: A General Plant Survey of the Point Creek Conservancy Property
  • Angela Sette: Vegetation of Mahon Woods
  • Bradley Herrick: The Vegetation at Point au Sable, Wisconsin: Development of a Long-term Monitoring Program
  • Angela Opiola: An Investigation of Scale and Human Impacts on Litter Bugs in Old Fields and Adjacent Upland Forests
  • Ashley Booth: Providing an Environmental Corridor Linking Hutchinson Bog to the Cofrin Arboretum: An Assessment of Feasibility


  • Steve Price & Jeanette Jaskula: Terrestrial Patterns of a Pond Breeding Amphibian Assemblage at Toft Point Natural Area
  • Stephani Herman, Sara Gossfeld-Benzing, and Adrianne Wacker: Use of Ultrasound to Identify Bats in UW-Green Bay Natural Areas
  • Russell Japuntich and Brennan Haworth: Analysis of Pond Restoration in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Bruce Snyder: Terrestrial Non-Insect Arthropods of the Toft Point Natural Area


  • Shari Hilding-Kronforst: Monarch Butterfly Host Plant and Offspring Success on Three Species of Milkweeds in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Lance J. Roberts: GIS Mapping of the Cofrin Arboretum and UWGB Campus
  • Andy Paulios: Reviving the UWGB Campus Bird Census
  • Stephan Humpal: Hydrology and Water Quality of the Pt. au Sable Coastal Wetland
  • Steve Price: Herpetofauna of UW-Green Bay Properties
  • Russel Japuntich and Matthew Barthel: Microhabitat Preferences of the Snail, Vertigo nylanderi, in the Toft Point Natural Area


  • Steve Engels and David Marks: Bait-Stations as a Method of Studying Mammals
  • Julie Bradshaw: A Study of Mechanical and Chemical Controls for Gallium mollugo in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Amy Piaget: Soil Characteristics of Abandoned Farm Fields in the Succession Plots of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Todd McCoy: A Field Guide to Mammals of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Samantha Stoughtenger: Nutrient Determination in Ponds of the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Matt Barthel: The Seed Bank Flora of the Cobble Beach at Toft Point Natural Area
  • Jeffrey Bell: Tree Species Preferences of Woodpecker Species at Point Sable
  • Christina Hall: Bryophyte Community Structure of Toft Point Natural Area
  • Tyrone Rankin: Survey and Identification of Parasitic and Saprophytic Fungi in the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Andy Dickerson: Mammal Dispersal and Conservation Corridors at the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Eric North: Land Snail Fauna of Toft Point Natural Area


  • Michael Jaccard: Soldier Beetle Population Dynamics
  • Tamara Smith: Community Ecology of Northeastern Wisconsin Relict Land Snails
  • Scott Vanevenhoven: A Survey of Parasitic and Saprophytic Fungi in the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Michael Engel: The Affects of Natural Succession on the Soil Ecology of Former Corn Fields
  • Elizabeth Hartman: Surveying and Monitoring Mammal Populations at Point Au Sable
  • Daisaku Kiyota: Spatial Dynamics of Old Field Insects in the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Michael Jaccard: Occurrences of Owl Species at the Cofrin Arboretum and Natural Areas


  • Jim Broetzmann: Monitoring Migratory and Breeding Bird Populations at Point Sable
  • Eric Christopherson: A Survey of the Vascular Flora at Point Sable
  • Deanna Dudley: Raptors of the UWGB Campus and Cofrin Arboretum
  • Brian Henrickson: Assessment of the Population Status of the Pigmy Shrew at Kingfisher Farm
  • Steve Petzke: Bird Species at the Peninsula Center Sanctuary
  • Patrick Robinson: A Vegetation Survey of Peninsula Center Sanctuary
  • Nancy Schroder: A Quantitative Analysis of Physical-chemical Factors of Mahon Creek
  • Joel Whitehouse: The Spiders of Peninsula Center Sanctuary


  • Paul Bollinger: Vertebrates in Wetlands of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Sue Garrity: Reproductive Ecology and Seed Dispersal of Trillium nivale Riddell (Liliaceae)
  • Jeff Klonowski: Nutrient and Grazing Limited Phytoplankton Rates
  • Gregory Pallaske and Danielle Pallaske: A Visual Tour of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Catherine Steele: A Comparative Study of the Reproductive Ecology of Iris versiculor and Iris virginica
  • Dreux Watermolen: The Search for Uroblaniulus stolidus in Northern Door County, Wisconsin
  • Joel Whitehouse: The Spiders of Toft Point


  • Brian Ebert: The Natural History of Tree Cavities and Cavity Fauna of the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Don Quinn: Sampling for Aquatic Insects and Crustaceans on Moonlight Bay and Pickerel Pond at Toft Point Natural Area
  • Christopher Rotar: The Gastropoda and Pelecypoda of the Near-shore region of Toft Point Natural Area
  • Michael Simonich: Genetic Diversity Study of Iris lacustris colonies on the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum and Toft Point Natural Areas
  • Catherine Steele: A Comparative Study of The Reproductive Ecology of Iris virginica and Iris versicolor
  • Dreux Watermolen: The Millipede Fauna of the Toft Point Natural Area
  • Victoria Zipper: A Longitudinal Study of Aquatic Invertebrates in Mahon Creek


  • Lora Lee Blunk: A Survey of the Coleoptera (beetles) at Kingfisher Farm
  • Jeffrey Hieb: The Benthic Invertebrates of the Cofrin Arboretum Ponds
  • Robert Plamann: A Census of the Grassland Breeding Bird Species in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Jim Rogers: Assessing Sound Levels in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Robert Rukamp: Deer Ticks, White-Footed Mice and Borrelia burgdorferi in the Arboretum and at Peninsula Center
  • Michael Simonich: A Second Year Habitat Study and Evaluation of Two Colonies of Iris lacustris  on the Cofrin Arboretum


  • Thomas Cleven: Is Lyme Disease Amidst UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Arboretum and the Peninsula Sanctuary?
  • Thomas Hucek: Development of a G/LIS Prototype for the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Jennifer Nieland: A Survey of Breeding Woodcock in the Cofrin Arboretum
  • Mary Alexis Pfutzenreuter: Diversity and Distribution of Butterflies in the UWGB Cofrin Arboretum
  • Michael Simonich: Habitat Study and Evaluation of Two Colonies of Iris lacustris on the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum
  • Amy Wolf: Life History Characteristics of Seaside Crowfoot (Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh.) on the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum