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Student workers set up a transect at the Wabikon field plot.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Internships and Jobs

Work or internship experience is required for most biodiversity related careers. Most employers are looking for job candidates who have had some real-world experience. They are looking for candidates who have proved they understand and will embrace the challenges of working in difficult field conditions. They are looking for employees that are problem solvers and have the skillset to understand the complexities of working in biodiversity related field. There are few ways to gain real-world experience through the classroom. Although some internships wages are less than you expected the real payoff is on-the-job experience.

Jobs at the Biodiversity Center

Each year we have part-time positions for undergraduates to work in the museum and the herbarium. Students wishing to apply should be highly motivated, be able to work independently, and have a good understanding of plant or animal taxonomy. See Tom Erdman in the Richter Museum or Gary Fewless in the UWGB Herbarium for more information.

There are two graduate assistantships available to support students who contribute to the mission of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Center and to help train professionals in the fields of biodiversity science and conservation. These assistantships are open to students enrolled in or accepted into UWGB's Master of Science program in Environment Science and Policy (ES&P). Students should have outstanding potential for scholarship and research in field ecology, conservation biology, or related discipline. See the ES&P website for more information and to apply.

Biodiversity Jobs Listserve

Rather than post jobs on our website we offer an email list of the job openings that are sent to our faculty and staff. Most of those jobs are located in the western Great Lakes area, although we do get listings from other areas as well. You can be added to this list by sending a request with “email jobs list” in the subject line to Kim McKeefry at

Know of a great opportunity? Email us your biodiversity related jobs at

Certificates and Workshops

Many employers are looking for specialized skills like GIS wetland delineation, or wilfire training. There are many opportunities to gain expertise through workshops or advanced training sessions.

UW-Stevens Point Wildfire Training: Basic and advanced wild fire certification.

UW--LaCrosse Wetland Delineation Training: Basic and advanced delineation training workshops.

Biodiversity and Taxonomy Courses at the Southwestern Research Station: Courses vary by year, include animal behavior, bat ecology, ant, Lepidoptera, and bee taxonomy courses.

Biodiversity and Taxonomy Courses at UW-Milwaukee Field Station: Courses vary by year.

Internet Resources

The internet offers several great resources for students seeking internships or part-time or full-time jobs. We encourage you to do a concentrated search in your area of interest. Here we include just some of the clearinghouses that are focused on our region or are related to biodiversity.

Local and Regional


National and International