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Ducks fly over rough water on the Bay of Green Bay.

2001 Cofrin Student Symposium

Friday, March 31
12:30 - 2:30 pm
1965 Room of the UW-Green Bay Student Union

Thanks to a generous endowment from the family of Dr. David Cofrin and the late John Cofrin, annual awards are awarded for student research on the Cofrin Arboretum and UW-Green Bay natural areas. Students carry out a field project in collaboration with a UW-Green Bay faculty member and will present results in at our annual research symposium. The grants are competitive and must contribute to improving our understanding of ecology on one or more of the UW Green Bay Natural Areas.

12:30: Matthew Barthel, Microhabitat Preferences of the Snail, Vertigo nylanderi, in the Toft Point Natural Area  

1:00: Steve Engels/Dave Marks, Carnivores of the Cofrin Arboretum  

1:30 Julie Bradshaw, Distribution and Control of Gallium mollugo in the Cofrin Arboretum  

2:00 Amy Piaget, Soil Characteristics of Abandoned Farm Fields in the Succession Plots of the Cofrin Arboretum

Poster: Todd McCoy, A Field Guide to Mammals of the Cofrin Arboretum

Poster: Samantha Stoughtenger, Nutrient Determination in Ponds of the Cofrin Arboretum