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Ducks fly over rough water on the Bay of Green Bay.

2011 Cofrin Student Symposium

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
1:00-4:30 pm 
Phoenix Room B: University Union

Schedule of Presentations:

1:00      Introduction

1:10     Andrew LaPlant (faculty advisor: Matt Dornbush)

Exotic Slug Abundance in Five Contrasting Northeast Wisconsin Forests

1:30     Cody Sandahl (Faculty advisor: Matt Dornbush)

Connecting the dots from death to dirt; Understanding how live roots alter soil   microbial activity

1:50      Lindsey Bender and Gary Wauters (Faculty advisor: Dan Meinhardt)

Population Dynamics and Seasonal Movement of Three Snake Species on the University Of Wisconsin Green Bay Arboretum

2:10      David Lawrence and Eric Struck (Faculty advisor: Bob Howe)

Fish Assemblages in Mahon Creek, Wequiak Creek, and Point Au Sable Estuary, Wisconsin

2:30      Emily Castellanos  and Kelli Briski (Faculty advisor: Mike Draney)

The Search for Clubiona pallidua

2:50      Zach Moureau and Nick Hamus (Faculty advisor: Bob Howe)

Temporal Variation in Nearshore Fish Assemblages at the Kingfisher Farm Natural Area of Western Lake Michigan

3:10      Erin Gnass and Nicholas Walton (Faculty advisor: Bob Howe)

Evaluation of Avian Survey Effort at Point au Sable Natural Area in Brown County, Wisconsin

3:30      Aaron Groves (Faculty advisor: Amy Wolf)

Method Analysis of Bee Trapping Techniques (Vane Traps vs. Bowl Traps) *

3:50      Andrea Gruen (Faculty advisor: Dan Meinhardt)

Estimating Effects of Land Use on the Frequency of Amphibian Malformations in UWGB Natural     Areas*

4:10 Matt Abrahamzon  (Faculty advisor: Kevin Fermanich)

Mahon Creek Hydrology and Water Quality: Initiation and collection of baseline data from an automated monitoring station.*

* Tentative title