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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity


Construction of a geographic information system requires access to spatial databases containing the information needed for the work at hand. Finding the spatial databases needed to support coursework and research simultaneous with battling the ArcGIS learning curve can be a major challenge for a novice. The Biodiversity Center has tried to moderate this problem by facilitating access to data resources. We believe that our efforts in this regard help GIS users get their projects off to a faster start than would otherwise be possible.

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In-House Data Library ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Local & Regional Partnerships
Projects and partnerships that the Biodiversity Center has been party to have resulted in the sharing and/or creation of project-specific spatial data.

Local Government Data
Local governments build extensive libraries of spatial data to support local services - public safety, trash collection and land records to name just a few. We've made data sharing arrangements with local governments to secure access to their databases for students and researchers at UW-Green Bay. Spatial databases obtained via data-sharing arrangements with local governments typically include some or all of the following:

  • Orthoimagery and land use information
  • Planning and zoning data
  • Transportation and communications networks
  • Tax parcel boundaries and tabular data