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The 2015 Blitz was a great success! Thanks everyone for your help and support. We installed 150 boxes in the Green Bay area. You can still volunteer to be a mentor and to join the planning group for next year.

The Green Bay Garden Blitz empowers Green Bay residents to grow food and be part of a sustainable agricultural system. We provide a comprehensive approach to urban agriculture by selling and installing raised bed gardens and providing education and mentorship for gardeners. These garden boxes are installed over the course of one weekend by our team of volunteers. In addition to their garden boxes, new gardeners have a variety of educational opportunities, including our mentor program which matches veteran gardeners with new growers.



The 2015 Garden Blitz will take place from May 1-3.  This year, our volunteer team will install 130 gardens total, half of which will go to limited-income families. Want to join us? Here are some ways to get involved!


I want a Garden Box

Garden boxes are 8’ x 4’ and 10” high. The cost of $150 includes delivery, installation, and soil. Boxes can be purchased for homes, schools, churches, or businesses. When you purchase your garden, you will also have the opportunity to request a garden mentor. Mentees must commit to meeting with their mentor 5 times over the course of a season. In return, you’ll get personalized help from an experienced gardener who can teach you tips and tricks it might take years to learn otherwise. Your first visit will be before the Blitz so your mentor can help you site your new garden for optimum sunlight.

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I want to Volunteer

During the weekend of the Blitz, tasks include assembling, delivering, and installing garden boxes, as well as checking in volunteers. We welcome anyone interested in getting outside and helping our community. Bring your energy and your shovel, and help us move some dirt! Want to get involved before May? We are always seeking members for our planning teams, as well. Please email for more information.

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I want to Mentor

Who taught you how to garden? Who did you call when you first started growing your own food and you didn’t know what to do? Now you have an opportunity to pay it forward by becoming a Garden Mentor! Mentees are chosen from among this year’s Blitz participants with priority given to those who have no prior gardening experience. Every Garden Mentor is assigned one mentee to meet with five times over the course of the season. You will receive a manual filled with helpful handouts, tips, and a schedule.

Learn more about the mentoring program»

I want to Donate

We welcome donations of tools and materials, as well as funds to help families in need get garden boxes for their homes. To donate funds, please visit. To donate tools or materials, please contact

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