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2012 NAS Heirloom Plant Sale

Natural & Applied Sciences invites you to the 16th annual Heirloom Plant Sale on TWO days this year. The sale will run on Saturday May 12 and on Saturday May 19 from 9-3. As usual we will have peppers and tomatoes. Other vegetables will include eggplants, cucumbers, and lettuce. All plants are $1.75 each (including tax). We are offering a number of unusual herbs and flowers this year including lime basil and a new open pollinated Asian basil called "Christmas". We also have many of the old favorites as well including "Bunny Tails". Scroll down for descriptions.

This year we have 45 varieties of peppers (2500 plants) including a new open pollinated bell called "Yankee Bell", a few new hot peppers including "Red Rocket" and "Hot Paper Lantern", and a new sweet called "Lipstick". "Orange Thai" is also back this year by popular demand. Scroll down for descriptions.

This year we have 53 different varieties (3800 plants) including old favorites and some new varieties that are recommended for our area including "Rio Grande" and "Scotia", and "Moskvich". We have added some heirlooms we have not carried in a few years including "Kellogg's Breakfast". We have only a few cherry tomatoes this year due to poor germination, but we have good numbers of some of the best heirloom choices including "Isis Candy" and "Yellow Pear". Scroll down for descriptions.

Varieties labels with an asterisk (*) are in short supply and we have 36 or fewer plants of that type. We have lots to choose from and those that come early on Saturday should have a great selection to choose from.

Someone will be available at the greenhouse between 7:30 and 7:45 to hand out numbers, so that you do not need to stand in line. Doors open at 9 AM and people will be allowed to enter in order by number. Cash and checks only.

Downloadable checklist

Sold Out Varieties are crossed through on list!

Bell Peppers

Purple Beauty Absolutely stunning purple bell pepper. Large 4-lobed, thick-walled fruits borne on sturdy compact plants. Tender crisp texture, mild sweet flavor. 70-75 days from transplant.
Bullnose Crisp fruits ripen from green to red with an excellent flavor. Productive, sturdy plants. 55-80 days from transplant.
WI Lakes Great choice for an early maturing bell pepper. Reliable yields of thick-walled, 4-6 oz. fruits that ripen from green to red. 75-85 days from transplant.
Golden Cal Wonder 78 days. Colorful golden bells that are very sweet and tasty. The productive plants produce early and are good for northern climates.
Quadrato Asti Giallo* Italian heirloom. Thick crisp flesh with delicious sweet spicy flavor when either green or yellow. 70-80 days from transplant.
Chocolate Beauty Deep chocolate color. Excellent sweet flavor when fully ripe, average flavor when green. 70-75 days from transplant.
King of the North The best red bell pepper we know for northern gardeners where the seasons are cool and short. 70 days from transplant. Just a few left!
Yankee Bell New nonhybrid bell pepper for Northern growers. Blocky, 3 to 4-lobed, medium size, green to red fruits. Strongly branched with good cover. 60 days

Hot Peppers

Pasilla Bajio 78 days. Mild-sweet-hot, fruit is dark green, turning brown as it ripens. This pepper is used in Mexican "mole" sauces, tasty.
Red rocket Tapered, thin-walled, 5-6" long fruits. Dries quickly to crimson red. Dried fruits have tender flesh which is nice and soft when cooked. Early, high yielding and widely adapted. 85 days.
Fatali* from the Central African Republic. Habanero-type peppers with delicious citrus flavor and few seeds. Three inch long golden-orange fruits. 90 days from transplant. Sizzling hot!
Chocolate habanero Also known as the 'Congo black' the fruits have a unique, rich flavor. The 2" fruits ripen from an emerald green to a gorgeous, chocolate brown approximately 100 days after transplanting. sizzling hot
Early jalapeno* -2 1/2" x 1", sausage-shaped, blunt fruits mature early; dark green changing to red. Earlier, but lowr yielding. 60 days from transplant
Purple Jalapeno* 85 days Vigorous, compact plants produce an abundance of 3" fruits that start out green, then turn a deep purple and finally turn red at maturity. Fruits are a bit larger than regular Jalapeno and have about the same amount of heat.
Orange thai Loaded with Orange 2½" cayenne-type peppers. Great for container growing. Can dry and use for seasoning. 80-90 days from transplant.
Scotch bonnet Attractive, golden-yellow, squat little peppers with a shocking heat and superb fruit-like flavor. They also have a wonderful, unique aroma. 90 days from transplant. Sizzling hot!
Tricolor varigata* 72 days. Plant produces high yields of purple hot peppers. The plants have leaves with shades of white, green and purple in a never-ending, variegated display, with no two leaves the same. It has purple stems and purple flowers.
 thai hot* Mounded 8" plants covered with ½" tabasco-type fruits ripening from green to a rich deep red. Averages 200 fruits per plant.85 days from transplant. Very Hot!
Hinklehotz* .Cultivated by the Pennsylvania Dutch since the 1880s; name translates as chicken heart. Small fruits (¾" wide by 1-2" long) ripen from green to glossy red. 80-90 days from transplant.
Hot paper lantern Magnificent, elongated and wrinkled, lantern-shaped fruits are 3-4" long. Tall plants put on a colorful display through the summer. 70 - 90 days from transplant. Sizzling Hot!
Joe's round Productive plants have clusters of ¾" round fruits that ripen from deep green to bright red. Great for pickling or for fresh salsa. Very Hot!
Tampico Serrano Serrano peppers are very similar looking to jalapenos but are 4 to 5 times hotter. Immature serranos mature to a deep red, about three inches long and 1/2 inch around. 90-100 days.
Golden cayenne* bright yellow-gold version of the ever-popular Cayenne. Fruits grow to 6" and ripen to a beautiful golden yellow. Flavor is like the regular Cayenne, intense and hot. 70-75 days.
Lemon drop Peruvian seasoning pepper. Bright yellow, conical, crinkly fruits are ½" wide by 2½" long, very few seeds, 15 or less per pepper. Intensely hot, citrus flavor. 90-100 days from transplant.
Mustard habanero* Productive 32" plants produce fruits that ripen from light green with a tinge of purple to mustard orange to bright orange. 95-100 days from transplant. sizzling hot!
Prairie fire A culinary as well as ornamental hot pepper. Green to yellow at intermediate and red at full maturity. Upright tapered fruit on top of a small plant.90 – 100 days from transplant.

Medium Peppers

Mulato Isleno 76 days. A dark green pepper that matures to a rich chocolate color. Dried, they're called Anchos in Mexico.
Ancho gigantea The standard Mexican variety for sauces and stuffing, excellent for chiles rellenos. Green-black heart-shaped fruits measure 4" long. 90 days from transplant.
Numex Joe Parker* A Southwestern-style traditional Anaheim chili pepper. Peppers average 8" long and have a thick, crisp flesh with mild heat and excellent flavor. 70-95 days from transplant

An Italian heirloom that produces a 3-5" pepper with just a touch of heat. Bushy, small plants provide excellent sun-scald protection and tons of sweet fruit. 75 days from transplant.

TAM jalapeno 70 days A very tasty mild Jalapeno type, with the same delicious flavor, but a lot less heat. Great yields.
Tobago seasoning* Very nice flavor, used extensively in the local cuisine as a seasoning pepper. Fruits are slightly variable, a good variety for pots. 90 days from transplant.
Beaver dam Hungarian heirloom brought to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1912. Fruits are mildly hot when seeded. 80 days from transplant.
McMahon's Texas bird Tiny lustrous red bird peppers borne on decorative 12" plants. Fruits look lovely strung up like cranberries.
Pizza* 80 days. The 3-4 inch pendulous, cone-shaped peppers on 14-18 inch tall plants are most flavorful when green, and mildest when red. Early and prolific.
Wenk's Yellow Three-inch long wax peppers with thick walls, ripens from yellow to bright orange then red. 80 days from transplant.
Golden Nugget Variegated foliage, hundreds of golden yellow fruits, good for pickling or drying. 75-85 days from transplant.

Sweet Peppers

Jimmy Nardello* from the Basilicata region of Italy in 1887. One of the very best for frying, delicious roasted apple flavor. Productive plants are loaded with glossy red 10" long peppers.80 – 90 days from transplant
Alma paprika Highly productive plants are loaded with thickwalled cherry-type peppers. One of the best varieties for drying and grinding for paprika, or for fresh eating. 70-80 days from transplant.
Buran* Sweet and productive Polish heirloom. Two-foot tall plants produce 4" long bell fruits with 3 lobes. Sweet even when green, sure to be a favorite. Does well in dry areas. 90 days from transplant
Lipstick Heavy, attractive, dark green fruits are about 4" long and taper to a blunt point. They ripen to a glossy, rich red. Dependable, early, heavy yields, even in a cool summer season. 53 days green, 75 red ripe.
Sheepnose pimento* A tomato shaped Ohio heirloom from the family of Nick Rini. Keeps for an extended period when refrigerated. 70-80 days from transplant.

Large Tomatoes

Brandywine Large vines produce deep red 8-12 ounce fruits. Excellent flavor. Very productive. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.
Mortgage lifter Exceptionally meaty and typically crack-free. Great old-fashioned tomato flavor. Indeterminate, 80-90 days from transplant.
Giant Belgium 85 days. Plant produces good yields of huge 2 lb to 5 lb dark pink beefsteak tomatoes. Tomatoes are very sweet, are meaty, and turn dark pink when mature.
Jersey Giant This New Jersey canning variety is on the verge of extinction! Large, 6-inch long, pepper-shaped fruit are packed with great tomato flavor. Delicious fresh from the garden. Their large size makes them a snap to can.
Old German 75 days. Plant produces good yields of 2 lb golden-yellow tomatoes with red and pink stripes. One of the best slicing tomatoes on the market.
Striped Stuffer Fruits are shaped like bell peppers and completely hollow. This German stuffer tomato is red with yellow stripes and has very good flavor for a stuffing tomato. 78 days.
Cuoro de Toro 89 days. good yields of large 2 lb pinkish-red Oxheart type tomatoes. Very meaty. Excellent for making paste, sauce, puree, and canning.
Anna's Russian 70 days. blemish free, large, and very tasty, pink oxheart tomatoes.These tomatoes are just gorgeous, and will make you feel like a pro. Fruits are up to a pound each and are crack resistant.
Black Krim Beefsteak fruits are a unique combination of violetbrown and purple-red—they turn almost black with sufficient sunlight and heat. Excellent full flavor. Indeterminate, 70-90 days from transplant.
Prudens Purple Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits are flattened and smooth (except for shoulder ribbing on some), and resist cracking. Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh. 67 days.
And Ruby's German Large beefsteak fruits weigh one pound or more. Sweet juicy flesh with a hint of spiciness. Ready to harvest when soft to the touch and yellow-green in color. Indeterminate, 80-95 days from transplant.
Abraham Lincoln Plant produces good yields of extra large 1 lb meaty tomatoes. Tomatoes turn dark red when mature. Delicious, rich, slightly acidic tomato flavors. 87 days.
Carbon 76 days. black tomato seeds produce big, regular-leaf tomato plants yielding prolific amounts of 10-14 oz., beautiful purple-brown fruits. Great flavor.
German Johnson 80 days. Plant produces good yields of a very large 16 oz pink tomatoes. The tomatoes are meaty, very flavorful, have very few seeds, and turn pink with yellow shoulders when mature.
Legend Early variety sets in cool weather and produces plenty of 8 oz. red, tasty tomatoes. Late blight resistant. 68 days.
Kellogg's breakfast Large orange beefsteak fruits weigh 1-2 pounds. Delicious rich flavor with a good acid/sugar balance. Very productive. Indeterminate, 80-90 days from transplant. Just a few left!
Marmonde Marmande is a beautiful large fruited tomato with slight pleats. It is an old French variety with a with a taste that is such a true tomato taste,
Soldacki* Dark pink beefsteak fruits weigh up to one pound. Firm meaty flesh and thin skin, susceptible to cracking. Excellent flavor, low acid. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.
Dr. Wyche's yellow Heavy yields of one pound golden-yellow tomatoes. Meaty flesh and rich flavor. Indeterminate, 75-85 days from transplant.

Medium Tomatoes

Japanese black trifele High yields of blemish-free fruits that rarely crack. Rich full flavor, great for canning. The size of a Bartlett pear, weighing 4-5 ounces. Potato leaf foliage. Indeterminate, 70-80 days from transplant.
Green zebra Olive yellow 1½ - 2½" fruits with deep green zebra stripes. Sweet zingy flavor. Very productive plants. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.
Moonglow Uniform bright orange globes with solid flesh, few seeds, and mild sweetness. Excellent keeper. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant.
Arkansas traveler abundant crops of 8-ounce, round rose-pink tomatoes. Considered to be one of the best tasting tomato varieties with well balanced sweet/tart flavors. Arkansas Traveler is much esteemed for its ability to produce flavorful tomatoes under normally adverse conditions high heat, humidity or drought. Resistant to cracking and disease. 85 days.
Thessolinka* Greek. Exceptionally good yields of crack-free, red, 8 oz. globes that resist sun scald. Wonderful rich taste. 80 days.
Indigo Rose* 75 days. Indigo Rose develops a dark purple pigment in its skin where exposed to direct sunlight. 1-2 oz., cocktail-sized tomatoes have good flavor with 'plummy' overtones.
Wapsipinicon peach 80 days tomato heavy producer of 1 1/2 to 2-inch, delicate, fuzzy-like-a-peach, pale-yellow juicy, tomatoes with wonderful, slightly-spicy, very fruity-sweet flavors. Harvest is good all the way to frost.

Early Tomatoes

Glacier 65 days. An early, short-season variety that flowers when it is only 4-inches tall then sets loads of very flavorful 2 to 3-ounce, round, red tomatoes. Good flavor.
Moskvich Fruits are early, deep red, and cold tolerant. Rich taste. Smooth and globe-shaped, 4-6 oz. with a small stem scar. Indeterminate. 60 days.
Scotia 60 days. Sought after for its ability to set fruit in cool weather and produce firm, deep red, globe shaped tomatoes with good flavor. The 4 ounce fruit bear on a determinate vine.
Siberian Dwarf sprawling plants with very early fruit set. Eggshaped 2-3" fruits with good strong flavor. Determinate, 57-60 days from transplant.
Silvery fir tree* Traditional Russian variety with distinctive carrotlike silvery-gray foliage on compact 24" plants. Heavy crops of round, slightly flattened 3-3½" red fruits.58 days
Subarctic plenty 42 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces good yields of 4 oz red tomatoes. One of the World’s Earliest Tomatoes. Suitable for northern regions where season is short.

Paste Tomatoes

Amish paste Bright red 8-12 ounce fruits vary in shape from oxheart to rounded plum. 85 days from transplant
Heinz 1439 V F A Plant produces good yields of 6 oz red tomatoes. TFor making ketchup, puree, and sauces. Crack resistant. Determinate. VFA resistance. 70 days from transplant.
Jersey Giant This New Jersey canning variety. Large, 6-inch long, pepper-shaped fruit are packed with great tomato flavor. Delicious fresh from the garden. About 70 days from transplant.
Martino's Roma* Italian heirloom with pretty rugose (puckered) foliage. Very heavy set of mild 2-3 ounce fruits perfectly suited for making sauce, salsa, and paste.75 days from transplant
Rio Grande Large plant produces high yields of large size red tomatoes. Great for salads and sandwiches, or making sauces and puree. determinant. 75 days
San Marzano Bush San Marzano that is early and produces all its fruit over a 1 to 2 week period on average. Especially favored by those looking to can all their tomatoes at once or for market growers looking for a short easy picking period. 75 days.
Saucey* This heavy producer easily out performs other tomatoes of its type in earliness and yield. Plants produce many robust clusters of plum-shaped fruits that ripen simultaneously for one major harvest. 75 days.
Sheboygan Grown since the early 1900s by Lithuanian immigrants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Pink pastetype 4-6 ounce fruits. great for canning. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.

Cherry Tomatoes

Brown Berry* The first brownish-red cherry tomato available to gardeners. A great color addition to salads. Excellent sweet juicy flavor, very heavy producer. Indeterminate, 75 days from transplant.
Sungella* 90 days. Plant produces good yields of golf ball size red tomatoes. It has low acidity, are juicy and sweet.
Amish salad* 80 days.Plant produces high yields of flavorful 2 oz round pink cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes are very sweet and grow in clusters of 6.
Gardeners delight 80 days. Lycopersicon esculentum. Plant produces high yields of flavorful 2 oz round pink cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes are very sweet and grow in clusters of 6. 65 days to transplant.
Isis Candy Rich, sweet, fruity flavor. Plants are loaded with 1½" fruits in clusters of 6-8. 70-80 days from transplant.
Red currant produce huge, vigorous branches that yields thousands of 3/8-inch, sweet (but slightly tart), red currant tomatoes. 70 days
Tonadose des Conones* An endangered heirloom cherry tomato from France; the very red fruit have an orange tinge inside and a long, lingering flavor. Productive vines produce loads of these tiny jewels that seem to melt in your mouth.
Yellow cherry vigorous and tall tomato plants that yield copious amounts of 3/4-inch, round, yellow cherry tomatoes that are loaded with delicious, fruity, sweet/tart flavors.75 days.
Yellow pear Endless supply of 1½" fruits with great flavor. 70-80 days from transplant.


Parisian pickling Cucumber* Dark green color, firm thick flesh, inconspicuous seeds. Can be used small for pickling (50 days) or larger for slicing (70 days).
Market more Cucumber* (60-65 days) 4-6' vines produce consistently in hot or cold weather until hard freeze. Strong virus and disease-resistance.  6-8" fruits
White Wonder Cucumber* Turns from greenish white to ivory then yellowish at maturity. Excellent eating quality, ideal for pickles or slicing. Highly productive even during hot weather. 58 day
Ping Tung Eggplant Beautiful heirloom from Pingtung, Taiwan. Slender fruits up to 12" long with shiny dark lavender skin. Hardy, vigorous, disease resistant plants. 65-75 days from transplant.
Black beauty Eggplant

74 days Large bell-shaped fruits range from 1-3 lbs and have a slight signature ribbing. Medium to thick skin is deep purple, and glossy when mature.

Pandora Striped Rose Eggplant teardrop-shaped fruit are a lovely lilac-rose color with thin white stripes. Strong, thornless plants give heavy yields; tender and delicious. 80 days.
Purple Tomatillo* 70 days. This unusual deep purple tomatillo makes an ideal salsa with its sweet tart flavor. The plant has striking purple veins in the leaves.
Birdhouse Gourd* Birdhouse gourds are easiest to grow and require the least amount of growing season (95 days). They need light and well drained soil.
Yellow Midget Watermelon* An outstanding little watermelon, with golden yellow rind and salmon pink flesh. Pleasantly sweet, about 3 pounds in weight. Very early variety, ripening in just 70 days.

Herbs and Lettuce

Christmas Basil* This amazing basil not only serves well in the kitchen, but would also make a great garden border or bouquet addition. It has a nice, fruity aroma.
Lime Basil Adds a unique citrus flair to fish and salads. Compact plant has 2" long, bright green leaves. Ht. 16-20".
Thai Basil Green, 2" long leaves have a spicy anise-clove flavor. Ht. 12-18".
Purple ruffles Basil Good for garnishes or as an ornamental garden plant. Small percentage of plants are green. 3" long leaves. Ht. 16-20".
Golden Jubilee Hyssop Anise hyssop has subtle but eye-catching chartreuse foliage. Its powder-blue, long-lasting flowers contrast nicely with its leaves.
Borage Beautiful blue star-shaped flowers hang in clusters. Bees love the abundant bright flowers, which are great for floating in cool drinks at summer parties. Plants grow 2-3' tall and self-sow readily. Annual.
Florence Fennel Celery-like stalks need a steady supply of water and have mild licorice flavor. Feathery dill-like leaves. Plants grow to 3' tall.
Sweet Mace Spanish Tarragon, Mexican Mint Marigold. Beautiful glossy leaves with small anise-scented orange flowers. Plants grow 12-24" tall.
Mixed Lettuce 4 heirloom varieties from Seed Savers, red velvet, crisp mint, bronze arrowhead, Amish deer tongue.


Globe Amaranth* Balanced mixture of 5-7 colors attracts a multitude of butterflies. Very easy to grow from seed, exceptionally productive. Excellent cut flower, both fresh and dried. 24-30" tall.
Love lies bleeding Long red ropelike seed-bearing trusses give plants an ornamental and graceful appearance. Great for long-lasting displays. Tender annual, 3-4' tall.
Zulu Prince Daisy* Tolerant of heat, sun, and drought. Does best in warm dry conditions. Beautiful creamy white blooms until frost. Annual, 2' tall.
Bunny tails Great ornamental grass for children and adults alike. It is hard to resist touching the fluffy flower head, as soft as a bunny’s tail! Easy to grow, very drought tolerant once established. Dwarf habit. Annual, 6-12" tall.
Historic mix Pansies* a mixture closely resembling the original “Bambini Mixture” from Vilmorin. The flowers are reminiscent of little smiling faces with distinct whiskers. Self-seeding biennial, 6-8" tall.
Evening Sun Sunflower* Large flowers in shades of orange, red, and burgundy. Very dark center. Multiple heads and an extended bloom period make this a great variety for cutting. Plants grow 6-8' tall. Annual, 75 days.
Velvet Queen Sunflower* Striking sunflower has velvety, dark mahogany-red petals with an almost black center. Well branched, free-flowering plants with strong stems make this an ideal sunflower for borders or cut flowers. Plants grow 5–7' tall. 75 days
Teddy bear Sunflower* Beautiful double 4-6" golden-yellow blooms are great for cut flowers. Makes an excellent border in front of larger sunflowers. A favorite with children. Dwarf plants grow only 18-24" tall. Annual, 75 days.
White Cypress Vine* Feathery fern-like foliage reaching a height of 15-20'. Hundreds of blooms throughout the season, a favorite with hummingbirds. For sunny spots, fences, or pots. Half-hardy annual.
Envy Zinnia* Exciting chartreuse-green blooms. They are very unique and the beautiful flowers are 3 inches across.
Bells of Ireland Interesting spikes of green bell-shaped calyces surrounding the insignificant white flowers, quite fragrant. Very nice for cutting; color and shape are preserved nicely when dried. Half-hardy annual, 18-36" tall.