Miscellaneous Vascular Plants of Wisconsin

The following vascular plants are listed here temporarily, to make them available to users until larger scale developments of the web pages are completed. It also affords an opportunity to create a temporary page to provide photos in response to specific questions posed by users.

Latin name Common name
Ambrosia artemisiifolia common ragweed
Ambrosia psilostachya perennial ragweed
Andropogon gerardii big blue-stem; turkey-foot
Anemone quinquefolia wood anemone
Arabis lyrata (some recent authors have apparently placed this species in the genus Arabidopsis as Arabidopsis lyrata) lyrate rock cress
Aralia nudicaulis wild sarsaparilla
Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. silver-weed
Asclepias syriaca common milkweed
Berteroa incana hoary alyssum
Carex eburnea brittle-leaf sedge
Carex leptonervia few-nerved wood sedge
Carex radiata eastern star sedge
Cinna latifolia drooping wood-reed
Coptis trifolia gold-thread
Daucus carota wild carrot; queen anne's-lace
Desmodium canadense showy tick-trefoil
Draba nemorosa woodland whitlow-grass
Draba verna spring whitlow-grass
Datura inoxia Jimsonweed
Dyssodia papposa foetid marigold
Echium vulgare viper's bugloss
Elytrigia dasystachya thick-spike wheat grass
Erechtites hieraciifolius American burn-weed; fireweed
Erucastrum gallicum dog mustard
Eryngium yuccifolium rattlesnake-master
Gentiana andrewsii bottle gentian
Glyceria maxima tall manna grass
Helianthus gigantea giant sunflower
Linaria canadensis blue toadflax
Lobelia spicata pale-spike lobelia
Lysimachia ciliata inged loosestrife
Mitella nuda naked miterwort; small bishop's-cap
Monarda fistulosa purple bergamot
Panicum virgatum switch grass
Petasites hybridus butterbur; pestilence wort
Polygonum scandens climbing false buckwheat
Ratibida pinnata yellow coneflower
Saxifraga pensylvanica swamp saxifrage
Sclerochloa dura common hardgrass
Silene nivea snowy campion
Sonchus arvensis field sow-thistle
Taraxacum officinale dandelion
Thalictrum dioicum early meadow-rue
Tradescantia ohiensis spiderwort
Trifolium fragiferum strawberry clover. A recent addition to the flora of northeastern Wisconsin.
Triosteum aurantiacum horse-gentian
Tripsacum dactyloides eastern gama grass (also called gamma grass). This species was recently found growing in a prairie planting in Waushara County. It was probably introduced as a contaminant in the seeds of prairie species. This illustrates yet another danger of buying seed from outside the local area. It remains to be seen if this species will persist in Wisconsin..
Uvularia grandiflora large-flowered bellwort
Vicia cracca cow vetch
Waldsteinia fragarioides barren strawberry
Xanthium strumarium cocklebur

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