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    What is a Herbarium?

    An herbarium is a scientific collection of dried plant specimens called vouchers. Herbarium collections provide reliable records for the distribution of vascular plants and are the basis for most taxonomic publications regarding plants. Whenever you read a book that describes how to identify a plant, what kinds of places you might find it, where it is distributed in the world, and all the particulars of the plant's size, shape, colors, etc., the information has been taken in large part from herbarium vouchers.Herbaria are essential in the training of plant taxonomists, who learn to identify, name and classify plants.


Herbarium Policies

The UWGB Herbarium is used primarily for research and is not usually open to the public. However, the curators do conduct a number of tours for groups, such as college and K-12 classes, naturalists, teachers, Learning in Retirement, civic clubs etc. If you would like to arrange a tour of the museum for your class or group please contact Curator Gary Fewless.

Researchers and faculty that would like to use the herbarium for research or are requesting specimens for study or to use in classes should contact Curator Gary Fewless at the address below for more information.


Gary Fewless
Gary Fewless, Herbarium Curator
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Dept. of Natural and Applied Sciences
Green Bay, WI 54311
920-465-2243 /
fax: 920-465-2376



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