Cheilanthes feei T. Moore
slender lip fern
Family: Pteridaceae

upper surface
lower surface

The sori of Cheilanthes feei are elongate and they may be partially hidden under the inrolled margins of the blade segments. The blades are less than 3 cm wide, less than 20 cm long, but in Wisconsin are often much smaller. The blades are at least twice pinnate, often 3 times pinnate at the base. The ultimate fertile segments are nearly round in shape. The blades are conspicuously pubescent with long hairs on the abaxial (lower) surface.

Cheilanthes feei usually grows on rocks, especially limestone or sandstone. It's distribution is mostly west and south of Wisconsin, and is limited mostly to the southwestern corner of the state, plus an area along the Mississippi River north to Pierce County.

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