Cryptogramma stelleri (S.G. Gmelin) Prantl
slender cliff brake
Family: Pteridaceae

fertile pinnae
sterile and fertile fronds
sterile and fertile frond
fertile pinnae
fertile frond
very young sterile fronds

The fertile fronds of Cryptogramma stelleri are different in appearance than the sterile fronds. The blade segments of sterile fronds are ovate and flat. Segments of fertile blades are narrower and the margins are inrolled over the sori. Fertile fronds also tend to be longer than sterile fronds, up to about 20 cm long.

Cryptpgramma stelleri is distributed from eastern Minnesota and Iowa, northern Illinois, Wisconsin and upper Michigan through Ontario to New York and eastern Canada. It is also known from Alaska and western Canada with a few scattered locations in the Rocky Mountain states of the U.S. In Wisconsin most known sites are from the southwestern counties, north along the Mississippi River, Douglas and Bayfield Counties and Door County, plus a few other scattered locations. It usually grows in shady spots on rocks, especially limestone.

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