Shrubs of Wisconsin

Cephalanthus occidentalis L.
Family: Rubiaceae
plant leaf flower head bark

Cephalanthus occidentalis is a shrub or small tree, usually less than 3 meters tall. Leaves are simple, and opposite or whorled, with entire margins. The flowers are small, with elongate tubular corollas and the flowers are tightly aggregated in spherical heads on long peduncles.

Cephalanthus occidentalis is a native species widely distributed in the southeastern U.S. and reaching its northern range limit in Wisconsin where most known populations are in the southern part of the state. It typically grows on wet sites and it may grow in sun or shade, but it is generally smaller under canopy. Most Wisconsin sites appear to be associated with rivers, though not necessarily restricted to the waters edge. Backwaters and oxbows seem to be common habitats.


known Wisconsin distribution


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