Shrubs of Wisconsin

Cornus amomum Mill.
blue-fruited dogwood
Family: Cornaceae
shrub leaf flowers fruit twig
with brown pith

The leaves of Cornus amomum are simple and opposite with entire margins and curved, arcuate viens. Bark of the twigs (growth of the current year) is often grayish, and the pith is white. The grayish hairs of the twigs are clearly visible with a simple hand lens, and a stronger lens or dissecting scope will also reveal reddish-brown appressed hairs on both twigs and the undersurfaces of leaves.

The bark of branches older than a year or two is usually red, similar to that of the very common Cornus stolonifera, but Cornus amomum twigs of that age have brown pith and the fruits are blue, unlike the white pith and white berries of C. stolonifera.

Cornus amonum is most often found on wet or at least moist soils and is more common in the southern half of the state.

known Wisconsin distribution


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