Shrubs of Wisconsin

Cornus drummondii C.A.Mey.
rough-leaved dogwood
Family: Cornaceae
branch leaf leaf undersurface bark
fruit fruit with seed removed twig bud

Cornus drummondii is a shrub or small tree with opposite, simple, entire leaves. The upper surface of the leaves is covered by short stiff hairs giving the surface a rough feel and the undersurface is also pubescent though not rough to the touch. As in all our Cornus species, the veins are arcuate. Leaves of our other Cornus species are smooth above (glabrous or with soft hairs), except for C. rugosa with more lateral veins per leaf. Twigs of C. drummondii also have brown pith, but the pith of C. rugosa is white.

The natural range of Cornus drummondii is south of Wisconsin. It is sometimes planted as a horticultural species here and very rarely may escape from cultivation.

known Wisconsin distribution


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