Shrubs of Wisconsin

Lonicera hirsuta Eaton
hairy honeysuckle; mountain honeysuckle
Family: Caprifoliaceae
plant terminal leaves mid-stem leaves flower

The connate terminal leaves of Lonicera hirsuta are conspicuous and the pubescent upper surface of the leaves will distinguish this species from the two other Wisconsin species of Lonicera also bearing the connate terminal leaves. The undersurface of the leaves is glaucus and the leaf margins are ciliate (see third photo above). The corolla is yellow and the corolla tube is pubescent, unlike the similar and more common and widespread L. dioica which may have yellow, orange or even red flowers, but with a glabrous floral tube and glabrous leaf margins. The third species with connate terminal leaves is L. reticulata which is limited to southern Wisconsin, has terminal leaves glabrous (and usually glaucus) above and broadly rounded at the tip, lacking the definitely acute leaf tips of the other two species.

Lonicera hirsuta (hairy honeysuckle) is a woody vine with decidedly northern distribution in the western Great Lakes area. It is generally limited to the northern portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan and is considered endangered in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Its remaining distribution is to the north.


known Wisconsin distribution


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