Shrubs of Wisconsin

Salix bebbiana Sarg.
Bebb's willow
Family: Salicaceae
plant branch le aments twig with stipules bark

The leaves of Salix bebbiana are simple, alternate and mostly entire margined, although a few coarse, irregular teeth may sometimes be present. The upper surface of the leaf is often pubescent and rugose (the veins are conspicuously impressed into the upper leaf surface). It is sometimes shrubby, but the growth form is more often that of a small tree. Salix bebbiana is widely distributed in Wisconsin and is common in most areas, often in locations that are clearly wet and at least partly sunny.

The willow species are difficult to distinguish and any "shortcuts" around the proven keys are likely to result in frequent errors. There are a total of 17 willow shrub species and there is no reliable key that does not involve flowers to some degree. The keys in Michigan Flora vol 2 by Edward Voss are recommended, but this is not a genus for the faint of heart.


known Wisconsin distribution


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