Vascular Plants of Wisconsin

Cardamine diphylla (Michx.) A.W.Wood
(=Dentaria diphylla Michx.)
broad-leaved toothwort
native: yes
type: herbaceous perennial

plant leaf population flower
plant leaf population flowers

The first open flowers of this species typically appear in late April or early May, 2-5 days after the first flowers of the similar Cardamine concatenata, with which it often grows in the Green Bay area. There are usually only two leaves per stem, each with three leaflets, as opposed to C. concatenata with three leaves, each with more than three leaflets per leaf. Both species produce robust rhizomes and form conspicuous contiguous populations in the spring understory.

This is a very distinctive species and its best growth in Wisconsin appears to be in the northeastern portion of the state where it is often found under deciduous forests on moist soils. Together with the similar Cardamine concatenata it seems to tolerate soils depleted of leaf layer by earthworms better than many others of the spring flowers.

known distribution based on vouchers


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