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Quercus coccinea Munchh.
scarlet oak
Family: Fagaceae

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winter buds acorn caps bark

The leaves are simple and alternate with sharp and bristle-tipped lobes. Quercus coccinea is similar to Q. ellipsoidalis (and to Q. velutina), and some authors would include Q. ellipsoidalis within Q. coccinea. See the key for specifics on identification, or go to the Flora of North America treatment for more information (go to key step 70 in FNA for specific information regarding Q. ellipsoidalis and Q. coccinea).

Q. coccinea ranges from eastern Arkansas to Georgia and north to Maine and southern Wisconsin, where it is limited to a very few locations in the southern three tiers of counties. This species is rare in Wisconsin and is not likely to be encountered. North of Green Bay, deeply-lobed oaks with sharp tips are highly likely to be Q. ellipsoidalis.

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