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Heirloom peppers.

Pt. Sable Deer Hunt Lottery closes on September 4th.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will be authorizing limited bow hunting for White-tailed Deer at the Point au Sable Nature Preserve in Brown County during the 2014-15 hunting season. Spaces are allocated to hunting parties based on a lottery. To enter, fill out the application and email it to

Heirloom peppers.

Heirloom Sale was a great success. Thanks for your support!



Blackburnian warbler, photo by M. Mcdowell.

A new tool for measuring forest health!

Biodiversity data manager Erin Giese, along with NAS faculty, and TNC staff have developed a a new rigorous, transparent tool for measuring forest health in northern mesic forests of the western Great Lakes region based on local breeding bird assemblages. TNC conservation managers are already using the tool. Learn more about the research and download the tool here.

Students help collect spiders in Costa Rica.

We are looking for Volunteers!

Are you looking to gain valuable field or lab experience to build your resume? Or maybe you just want to be a citizen scientist and get outside? Check out our new "Volunteer Opportunities" website. It lists science related opportunities for students to help with research and management projects at the Copfrin Center for Biodiversity and in the Natural and Applied Sciences Department.