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View of Arboretum Tower.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Cofrin Memorial Arboretum Tower

When the 40 foot high Cofrin Memorial Arboretum Tower was dedicated in 1985 it was the only structure of its kind anywhere. The covered observation tower was built so that the stairs encircle the wooden supports, described by one of the architects as something of an engineering feat. In 2016 the tower was removed due to the extensive growth of the surrounding forest.

Tower.The site of the tower, which sits above the Niagara Escarpment along Bay Settlement Road, was chosen by Andrew Cofrin. He and his brother Doug Cofrin wanted a site that would symbolize the vision of their father and grandfather for the future of this area. The tower and arboretum honor the memory of John P. Cofrin, former president of Fort Howard Paper Company and his father, Austin E. Cofrin. In order to determine the perfect placement of the tower Doug and Andrew used a cherry picker to examine views from the proposed height. As you can see above, Andrew's decision was excellent; visitors climbing the tower are treated to panoramic views of the campus, arboretum, and bay of Green Bay.