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Ducks fly over rough water on the Bay of Green Bay.

Natural Areas Research Permits

The Cofrin Arboretum and the other UWGB natural areas were established to protect the unique flora, fauna, and ecosysytems in northeastern Wisconsin and to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for students, faculty, and the community. The natural areas also serve as a “living lab” for student and faculty research and other educational activities. However, there are restrictions on the types of activities and research that can occur. And all activities must be conducted in a way that minimizes impacts to the ecosystem.

For permission to conduct multi-investigator, individual, and/or class research projects, please complete the form below for approval from the Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity (CCB) (Dr. Robert Howe). Upon signing the research permit, as the researcher, you agree to provide a summary of research findings to the CCB Data Manager (Erin Giese) for archiving and possible use in future land management decisions. In addition, you are expected to remove all materials from the Arboretum that were used for your work at the completion of the project. Do not begin your project until this form has been completed and you have received permission to continue from the Director. You will receive a confirmation email and a decision will be made regarding your request within 2 weeks.

If you have questions about research permits or conducting research on our natural areas please contact the biodiversity center (

Director of the Cofrin Arboretum: Dr. Robert Howe (

Natural Areas Coordinator: Bobbie Webster( is responsible for the land management and assisting with student research on the campus arboretum and university owned natural areas.

Data Manager: Erin Giese ( Oversees data collection and archiving of research conducted on the campus arboretum and university owned natural areas

Research Permit Form