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kids wait for a tour by Earth Restore participants.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

The Cofrin Center for Biodiversity is committed to providing teachers with opportunities to incorporate hands-on biodiversity centered learning. Currently we are involved in two projects that create meaningful experiences for students and teachers. Our programs are specifically designed to help teachers to design inovative experiential based curricula.

  1. Lower Fox River Watershed Management Program:We have partnered with NAS associate professor Dr. Kevin Fermanich and teachers at 8 area high schools in a watershed based program. Teachers and their students collect data on water quality in selected watersheds of the lower part of the Fox River.The use of standardized methods and teacher training allows the teams to collect quality assured data. Data from the student monitoring is shared on the LFRWMP website and at the annual Student Watershed Symposium.
  2. Earth Partnership with Schools: In a separate program we have partnered with the Madison Arboretum and Fallen Timbers Nature Center to create opportunities for experiences with nature on school sites. This program has two different opportunities that allow teachers to develop hands-on learning by creating natural habitats at their schools or by participating in watershed monitoring or rain garden projects.

To learn more about these programs click on the links above or contact Vicki Medland at or 920.465.2342