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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

Silver Maple

Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum).  Silver Maple grows primarily along streams in our area, less often in hardwood swamps and margins of lakes.  Although it isn't planted much anymore it is still a fairly common street tree in Green Bay.  Except for Skunk Cabbage, it is always the first species to flower in Green  Bay (although speckled Alder (Alnus rugosa) is usually only a day or two later).

More information on Silver Maple in the Key to the Trees

leaves The leaves are conspicuously light colored on the under-surface--probably the source of the common name "silver" maple.  The leaves are the most deeply lobed of our maples.
male flowers Male flowers.  This is what most people notice when the flowers open. They soon wither and drop from the tree once pollen is released.
female flower <<Female flowers.  If pollinated, each flower will mature into the familiar maple "helicopter" fruits called samaras.

samara (seed).

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