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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

October 2004

Oct 30 My first Black Scoter of the season in Brown Co, Point Sauble (Nick Walton).
Oct 29

Unseasonably warm weather returns for one day. Green Bay's high temperature was 72° F. The record high for today is 77 and the average high is 51.

Oct 27 Many leaves have turned brown or fallen, but there are still some interesting leaves in the Green Bay area, including the yellow leaves of the Carya ovata (shagbark hickory) and the reddish leaves of Cornus racemosa (gray dogwood) shown in this photo.
Oct 23 Green Bay received 1.25 inches of rain, our greatest single-day precipitation since June 16.
Oct 21 Heavy fog in the morning, UW-Green Bay.
Oct 19 Wisconsin DNR reports that water levels are very low in the major Rivers. Fall leaf color is expected to be good in southern Wisconsin this week, although several windy days (Oct 16-18) have blown some of the leaves off the trees.
Oct 17 Several tree species are still in bright fall color while the trembling aspen in the foreground has already lost many of its leaves. In the background many of the oaks are still green. Baird Creek Park, Brown County, WI.
Oct 16 The high temperature for the day was 41 °F in Green Bay and the daily average temperature was 40 F--our coldest day of the season to date.
Oct 14 Today's high temperature of 49° F in Green bay is the lowest high temperature of the season to date.
Oct 12 Some Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac) leaves are still brightly colored, but some individuals have lost most of their leaves, UWGB.
Oct 10 Sugar maples at about peak of Fall color, northern Marinette County.
Oct 09 Good fall colors at Navarino Wildlife Area in Shawano County. Water levels are very low in local wetlands.
Oct 07 Crabapples normally flower in Spring, but a few are now flowering again near the Phoenix Sports Center, UWGB (Vicki Medland).
Oct 05 Green Bay's low temperature of 26° F in Green Bay this morning is the lowest of the season to date.
Oct 04

The ground is snow-covered and snow continues to fall, Vilas County (Kathy Groves).

Green Bay is still snow-free, but we are promised a hard freeze tonight with temperatures well down into the 20's. This morning's low temperature was 29° F.

Oct 03 There is some good fall color now in Brown County, but some species are still completely green, including Acer saccharinum (silver maple), Acer platinoides (Norway maple), Ulmus americana (American elm) and all the Quercus spp (oaks).
Oct 01

The drought continues in Brown County. UWGB's prairie pond is nearly dry. Leaf color is less striking than in most years. On the Cofrin Arboretum only staghorn sumac and Virginia creeper are particularly bright so far. The leaves of Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash), have turned brown and fallen with very little of the usual yellow fall leaf color.

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