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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

October 2005

Oct 29 Warm weather, high temperature of 61° F, and lots of geese and gulls on the Fox River, Allouez.
Oct 27 The "T-zone" deer (gun) hunt began today in most of northeastern Wisconsin and continues through Sunday (Oct 30). All hunters are required to wear orange and it might be a good idea for non-hunters too. The excessive number of deer requires some extreme measures to prevent damage to the environment.
Oct 24 There was a brief but vigorous snow flurry in Green Bay this afternoon (Kathy Groves) and there was a "trace" of snow at the airport weather station yesterday.
Oct 21 A new low temperature for the season, 30 F in Green Bay this morning.
Oct 20 Green Bay's low temperature of 31° F is the first official freeze for this fall and produced heavy frost in the area. Rhinelander reached 29 F. Green Bay had not fallen below 32 since May 4. That amounts to 168 days without freezing temperatures.
Oct 16 Some leaves have turned color and fallen, but the interior of the more mature forest of Bairds Creek Parkway is still green and leafy.
Oct 14 Green Bay's high temperature reached 72° F.
Oct 12 The goldenrods and asters are done for the year, but there is still a colorful scene across many local fields.
Oct 09

Widespread frost in northeastern Wisconsin this morning, with a low of 33° F at the weather station at the airport in Green Bay and 29° in Rhinelander.

Here's another look at the drawdown of water level in High Falls Reservoir (see also Sep 25). Water has been drawn down to facilitate maintenance of the dam.

Oct 08 The Autumn leaf display is past prime in northeastern Wisconsin, but you can still find small areas of bright colors.
Oct 07 Rhinelander reached a low temperature of 32° F, producing widespread frost (and freeze). Rhinelander had frost in September, but this is the first freezing temperature of the season. Green Bay's low temperature was 37°, also the lowest so far this season.
Oct 05

Green Bay experienced an unseasonably warm period Oct 2 - 5 with high temperatures of 83 (new record high for Oct 2), 86, 83, 84° F (tied for record high for Oct 5). The long-term average high temperature for this period is about 20 degrees lower.

Oct 04 Rhus Typhina (staghorn sumac) is at about the peak of fall color on UWGB, although the condition is quite variable over the northeastern Wisconsin area.
Oct 02 Warm temperatures have extended the growing season and has also extended the active period for insects. Mosquitos were conspicuously aggressive today. During October we are normally more likely to be concerned with frostbite than with mosquito bites.

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