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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

November 2006

Nov 30 Green Bay's temperature was 26° F at 6:00 am and fell steadily to 21° at noon as the large Canadian cold air mass moves in. Counties to the south received rain and snow, with some large snowfall accumulations predicted in Sheboygan or Manitowoc County, with a winter storm watch tonight. [the temperature eventually fell to a low of 18° F in Green Bay]
Nov 29

Marsh marigolds still in flower in Brown County (see Nov 17). Also, Tom Erdman reports wood frogs calling in Oconto County near the Green Bay shore for the last few days, including today. The unseasonably warm (high temperature of 58° F yesterday and today) and more recently wet weather has brought these and other species out of their winter state at an unfortunate time. A large and very cold mass of Canadian air is moving into Wisconsin today with predictions of low temperatures in the teens and highs below freezing for the next several days.

Ten white pelicans reported on the Fox River near the DePere dam (Gordon Engel).

Nov 28 Green Bay's high temperature was 58° F today (average high temperature for this date is 36). The record high for this date is 63 F, set in 1998.
Nov 26 Aster pilosus (frost aster) is still in flower in the city of Green Bay. Also Nepeta cataria (catnip) and linaria vulgaris (butter and eggs)
Nov 24 After several episodes of light ice formation on Prairie Pond, the pond is clearly ice-free and warm temperatures will keep it open for the next several days.
Nov 23 The gun deer season ended yesterday and the preliminary reports says 336,221 deer were taken, a little above last years hunt. We won't know until the end of the year what the total deer harvest is because of late gun, muzzel loader and archery hunts still to come. Last year's annual total of all hunts was 465,760.
Nov 22 Here's a view of a portion of UW-Green Bays Cofrin Arboretum. No Snow on the ground, but thin ice remains on Prairie Pond.
Nov 20 Prairie Pond was iced-over this morning as tempertures dipped to 26° F. It is not likely to stay, because temperatures in the mid-50's are predicted for later in the week.
Nov 17

I found some flowering Caltha palustris (marsh marigold) plants this morning in Brown County. Caltha normally flowers in April in our area, but sometimes an early cold streak in October followed by a warm period in November will cause the plants to flower in fall. This is the fourth time I have observed this phenomenon since 1986. On one occasion (1990) fully open flowers of Caltha palustris continued through Dec 2 in Brown County! They froze promptly on Dec. 3 when it snowed.

Ten White Pelicans were on the rocks just north of the De Pere dam. This seems an unusually late time for pelicans to still be here. De Pere bridge, Brown County, WI (Gordon Engel). [WIDNR confirms that the White Pelican migration in our area is over, gf]

The Wisconsin gun deer season begins tomorrow morning. WIDNR estimates 1.5 to 1.7 million deer and about 600,000 licenses were sold. Most of the state is snow-free (except for in the Rhinelander area--see notes for Nov. 10). All those venturing outdoors for the next nine days are advised to wear plenty of blaze orange clothing.

Nov 15 Here's a reference photo from the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum for Nov 15, 2006. Tree leaves are gone except for the oaks and the two alien buckthorns (Rhamnus cathartica and R. frangula). The tall prairie grasses are still conspicuous, and there is no snow cover yet and no ice on the ponds.
Nov 11 Wisconsin DNR reports that the white-tailed deer "rut" is at about peak, with the start of gun deer hunting season only one week away. Wisconsin lakes are still mostly ice-free.
Nov 10 Green Bay received 1.5 inches of snow today. Rhinelander received 12.5 inches of snow (!) their largest single day snowfall on record. Wausau 5.8 inches.
Nov 09

Warm weather continues with an overnight low temperature of 49° F in Green Bay and the temperature is 58° as of 1 pm [that was the daily high].

It is impressive how quickly bare soil is colonized. The margin of a recently constructed stormwater detention pond on the UWGB campus was bare soil in May and was completely revegetated by October. Note that the Canada goldenrods (Solidago canadensis) have already flowered in this brief period, and that cattails (Typha sp) have colonized the shoreline.

Nov 08

Green Bay reached a high temperature of 65° F this afternoon. The overnight low temperature (this morning) was 44°. "Normal" high and low are 51 and 31.

This photo from UWGB's Cofrin arboretum provides a good record of the season. Most deciduous trees are now leafless, except for the oaks which retain their dried leaves. The prairie grasses remain conspicuous.

Nov 07 Last night was the first night it didn't freeze in Green Bay in the last 11 days. The low temperature (this morning) was 37° F.
Nov 03 There were about 200,000 Canada geese reported at Horicon Marsh.
Nov 02

Ice is beginning to form along the shoreline of Green Bay on the UW-Green Bay campus. Overnight low temperatures have been below freezing 10 of the last 11 nights, and the exception was 33 °F. Soil temperatures have also been declining and surface layers have been freezing on the coldest nights.

The high temperature today was 37°F and the low was 26. The 30 year average for today is high temperature of 49 and low of 31.

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