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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

January 2007

Jan 30 Here's a view of UWGB's Cofrin Arboretum with yesterday's fresh snow.
Jan 29 Green Bay received 0.6 inches of snow and enough wind to blow it around and form small drifts. The Green Bay weather Service reports about 5 inches of snow on the ground.
Jan 25 Lower temperatures are helping to build ice cover on the lakes, but we are still hearing caution from WIDNR concerning unsafe ice conditions and there are occasional reports of ice fishermen's cars going through the ice in southern Wisconsin.
Jan 23 There is enough snow at UWGB to make it look like winter, but not enough for good skiing. Last year at this time a significant period of warming began.
Jan 22 Green Bay has been below freezing for about 10 days now, since Jan 22. The highest temperature during that period was 28° F and the overnight lows were mostly in the teens or single digits. This will help build some solid ice on area lakes and the slower streams. We noticed another case where the deer had fallen through the thin ice near the start of this cooler period.
Jan 21 Green Bay received 3.2 inches of light, fluffy snow.
Jan 20 The low temperature this morning was -3° F, our first time below zero and the lowest temperature of the season to date.
Jan 17 Here's a view of our recent snow and the full ice-cover on Prairie Pond.
Jan 16 The morning low temperature was 2 ° F in Green Bay and the daytime high was 20° F. The average high for this date is 24° F and the average low is 6°.
Jan 15

A snow storm, beginning on the 14th and concluding during the day today, brought 4.0 inches of snow to Green Bay. This appears to be the start of our continuous snowcover period for the winter. Cold air is forecast following the storm, but not excessively cold for this time of year.

This is the period of lowest annual temperatures for Green Bay on average. The daily average high temperature for this date is 23°F and the daily average low temperature is 6° F.

Jan 12

The East River at the Baird Street bridge is mostly open (ice-free). Farther upstream in Allouez at my long-term monitoring point the river is still ice-covered, although there is some water on top of the ice and the ice is very thin. I noticed that some of the local deer have crossed the river last night and there is a narrow strip of open water and pieces of broken ice at that point, the ice being far too thin to hold a deer.

Prairie Pond at UWGB is still ice covered although there is water on top of the ice and the ice is quite thin. There is no snow cover in the UWGB area.

The temperature in Green Bay was still 37° F at 4 a.m. this morning and declined to about 35° by 10.00 a.m. Cold air is expected to slide in from the north as the day progresses.

Jan 11

The morning low temperature was 30° F and the high was 44°. Roadside ditches at UWGB have open water now.

I noticed that some of the seeds planted on the recently constructed storm water detention pond at UWGB have begun to germinate! The weather is causing a lot of unusual events.

Jan 09 East River in Allouez refroze overnight (Jan 8/9) and will likely stay frozen for the rest of the winter. The forecast is for more seasonal (cold) temperatures over the next week.
Jan 08

Our mid-winter warm spell is apparently over as the morning low temperature in Green Bay fell to 25° F, and the high was only 33. Nevertheless the East River in Allouez remained open with a little help from the wind.

UWGB's Prairie Pond is completely frozen. It never fully opened, but there was open water all around the edges (not just water on top of ice) until today.

Jan 07 Two "yellow-jacket" wasps out and about and an Eastern Chipmunk at bird feeders, Oconto County, WI, Town of Pensaukee. (Tom Erdman).
Jan 05

The overnight low temperature in Green Bay was 44° F and we reached 47° F early this morning (4 and 5 a.m.), but temperatures have fallen slightly during the day. This is very strange weather for our area.

Jan 04

We have already broken the high temperature record for this date by noon (42° F). The old record was 41°. [we eventually reached 46° F,gf]

I saw one Great Blue Heron near the shore of Green Bay just off of the UWGB Arboretum trail (Gordon Engel).

Jan 03

I can confirm that there is no snow cover in easternmost Wisconsin, north on Highway 141 to Highway 8 (there is a little snow beginning at about Beecher, but only where there were snow banks from the plows or the snow was packed by snowmobiles, etc). There was an inch or two of snow in Florence County in the forest, though southern exposures were often bare.

High temperature of 46° F in Green Bay.

Jan 02

Warm weather continues. Green Bay's temperature is 41° F at 3 p.m. The weather is cold enough to form thin ice over-night on local ponds, but Green Bay is open. High temperatures in mid-40's are predicted through Friday.

Tom Erdman reports Tundra Swans still on Green Bay in large numbers, Oconto County.

A report of a Chipmunk out at bird feeder in Door County

Some Acer saccharinum (silver maple) buds appear to be swelling, similar to their preparation for flowering in spring.

Another indirect report says there is virtually no snow in parts of eastern Upper Michigan too, including the area near Marquette.

Jan 01

Remarkably warm weather continues in northeastern Wisconsin. Green Bay's high temperature for the day is 44° F. There is no snow cover and the bay of Green Bay is essentially ice-free except for some floating pieces near shore. The east River is open.

I saw two "wooly bear" caterpillars out on the path today in Allouez, Brown County.

On New Year's day in the afternoon, I saw a European earwig (Dermaptera, Forficulidae: Forficula auricularia) walking on the sidewalk.
Astor Park, Green Bay, Wisconsin (Mike Draney).

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