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Observations by Gary Fewless for Green Bay WI (Lat.N 44.51° Long. W 88.02° ), except as noted. For flowers lacking conspicuous petals or sepals I define "anthesis" as release of pollen by mature anthers.

November 2007

Nov 30

The high temperature today in Green Bay was 21° F, and that was at 1:00 am. The high temperature after sunrise was only 19° and winds were 15-20 mph during most of the day. The low was 9°. There was a little snow over-night. It feels like winter. This will likely push out the last of the sandhill cranes, etc that have been hanging around the area.

Nov 29

Green Bay's low temperature is 14° F for the third consecutive day, rising only to 21° by noon with a west wind of 21 MPH. The daily high was 26°-- the lowest high to date. Summer may be over.

Preliminary reports indicate 343,644 deer were taken during the 9 day gun deer season. The total harvest will not be available until all the figures for archery, muzzel-loader, late archery, etc are added.

f 641,432 gun deer licenses purchased by resident and nonresident hunters.

Nov 28 Green Bay's low temperature is 14° F again. Snow predicted for today did not materialize. The ground is mostly snowfree. There was about an inch of snow in the Laona area in Forest County.
Nov 27

Great Horned Owls returned again early this morning. This might mean that they are setting up nesting territory in the area and that would be great. Called to each other for at least 20 min somtime around 1:30am, City of Green Bay (Dave Parsons).

Green Bay's low temperature of 14° F this morning is the lowest of the season. There was 0.3 inches of snow.

The East River in Green Bay froze over today at Beaupre Street. Last year it froze lightly and them opened several times before finally freezing on January 9th (farther downstream at the Baird Street bridge it remained open until Jan. 12).

Nov 25 Green Bay high temperature of 41° F still does not clear ice from small ponds.
Nov 24 The temperature reached a high of 37° F in Green Bay, but the local ponds remained ice-covered. The East River at my long term monitoring site in Allouez had partial ice-cover yesterday, but only a little ice along the shoreline remains. The light snow of Nov 22 is mostly gone.
Nov 23

The morning low temperature in Green Bay was 16° F, our coldest since March 8. The daily high temperature was 32°, also the lowest of the season and lowest since April 6.

Coldest night so far this fall last night as temperture went down to 9 degrees [Official GB temp 16° at National Weather Service, GF]. But that did not stop the Great Horned Owls from calling to each other at 2:50 a.m. outside my window. It was nice to hear them again after a decade. They used to be part of the neighborhood but the building of Red Smith School destroyed part of their woods and they left only hopefully to return again. Great to hear them again...City of Green Bay (Dave Parsons).

Prairie Pond and Kress Center Pond are now ice-covered.

Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day. The ponds are open on UWGB, but there is a little snow this morning--enough to whiten roads and lawns.
Nov 20

Fog continues into early morning in Green Bay. Prairie Pond on UWGB campus was frozen early, but quickly opened in patches as the temperatures warmed to 38° F by 10 am and 45° by noon.

Wisconsin DNR reports that hunters registered 171,584 deer over the first weekend of the season (Nov 17 and 18). That is about 4,000 more than last year. The preseason estimate of the Wisconsin deer herd was 1.6-1.8 million deer. The deer herd is about 70% over the goal set by wildlife biologists. The large number of deer takes a toll on regeneration of tree species and other plants in forests, results in $1.5 million in crop damage claims, and WIDNR estimates between 40,000 and 50, 000 deer car collisions each year.

The total deer harvest in Wisconsin in the year leading up to the Fall gun deer season, including all gun, archery, etc., was 506,947.

Several plant species are still in flower on the UWGB campus, including Aster pilosus (awl aster or frost aster).

Nov 19

A little mist in the morning in Green Bay, but mild with a high of 46° F. Moderate fog in the evening and overnight.

A few open flowers of Vinca minor (periwinkle) in plantings on the UWGB campus.

Nov 18

Partial ice cover on UWGB ponds.

There was light rain in City Green Bay (trace).

Nov 17

Light snow in the morning in the City of Green Bay--no accumulation.

There was only partial ice cover on PrairiePond at UWGB this morning. The Kress Center detention pond was completely ice-free.

Nov 16

There was a thin covering of ice on Praire Pond in UWGB's Keith White Prairie this morning.

By just about any measure, this was the coldest day of the season to date for Green Bay. High temperture 36° F, Low 22, daily average 29.

The stormwater detention pond south of the Kress Events Center was partially iced-over this morning (UWGB).

Nov 15 A few snowflakes this morning in Green Bay.
Nov 14

At the right front entrance door of the Holiday Inn in downtown Green Bay a species of crab apple is in full bloom. The tree is on the east side of the building and in a gravel mulched planting so it may be reacting to the stress of the placement but it is blooming (Dave Parsons). [Temperatures have been moderate in our area with 12 of the first 13 days of November with high temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50's, and the last three days 53, 57, 54. GF]

Driving by the west entrance of UW-Green Bay (Mahon creek) at 2:56 pm I watched an adult Bald Eagle being tossed by the winds but still a wonderful sight (Dave Parsons). [Wind speed in Green Bay has been about 25 mph since 9 am today, now 4 pm; peak wind of 42 mph, GF]

Nov 12

On this late fall date a white cabbage butterfly arrived at the kitchen window. It flew at the window and then up and over the house headed who knows where, but a sure sign that we have had unusual fall weather, City of Green Bay (Dave Parsons).

Nov 10 A rash of car/deer collisions in the last couple of days indicates that the "rut" for whitetail deer is in full force in Brown County.
Nov 07

Lakes in northeastern Wisconsin are hovering around the point of ice-over. Small sheltered ponds are mostly (thinly) ice-covered and sheltered bays of lakes are also forming thin ice. Larger lakes and lakes more exposed to the winds are mostly still open. Here's a photo of Scattered Rice Lake in Forest County, forming ice along the margins.

Green Bay's low of 24° F is the lowest of the season. Goodman, in the NW corner of Marinette County reached a low temperature of 21° this morning. Warmer air is moving into our area soon.

Nov 06 Green Bay's low temperature of 28° F is the lowest of the season to date. There were snow flurries widely in northeastern Wisconsin yesterday and today, with larger amounts up to 6+ inches reported in Vilas County. Eagle River had about 3 inches, with increasing amounts to the north.
Nov 03 The understory in Mahon Woods on the Cofrin Arboretum is mostly open now, but some portions of the canopy still bear leaves, as for these white oaks (Quercus alba).
Nov 01 There is still some strong Fall leaf color in the Green Bay area if you choose the location carefully.

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